Battery charge limit to 80% to prolong battery life

If I’m correct, the battery will charge up to 100% and then stops charging, while still connected to the adapter.

It would be great to have an option to stop charging at 80% (or any other value) when connected to the adapter.

The battery will degrade faster when charged up to 100% multiple times.

When you mainly use the projector with the power adaptor it would be great that the battery charges up to 80% (instead of 100%) and then stops charging while still connected to the power adapter.

Or if it’s easier to implement, just a toggle to stop charging the battery (as suggested by ThunderStrk)

This way you can prolong the battery life during the lifespan of the projector.

Don’t all intelligent battery chargers do this automatically? Thus when you see 100% on the screen, it means 100% complete, not that the battery is at 100% capacity.

Also is there a feature to fully turn the projector off because having a low voltage on the battery where it’s been left on standby for a long time also destroy’s the battery.


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Batteries lifespan drop proportionally to the highest point you charge them.

0-100% gives you 500 cycles
0-80% gives you 1000 cycles
0-70% gives you 2000 cycles


Yes, understood. But modern battery chargers already have that formula built in. So when the charger says “100%” it means “finished”, not “this battery is charged to maximum capacity”. So the battery’s health is already optimised by the charger.


I understand chargers have an arbitrary limit set. That’s not the issue. The issue is to allow users to further lower the arbitrary limit in order to proportionally increase battery longevity.

The lower the limiter the more charge cycles you get.

Batteries are like an elastic band, the less you pull on them the longer they last.


Yes that makes sense, especially when used at home there is no need to charge it up to 100% 1st,
would be good to have a toggle between Battery Mode or Mains Power Mode that allows power to bypass the battery immediately, should be easier to implement than have settings for different percentages, we can simply run the battery down to our own chosen level plug in to power and use it without it going in to charge, and switch back to battery mode when we do want it fully charged.


yes, being able to bypass the battery would be essential once the battery dies.

There’s countless electronics that stop working even when plugged in once the battery dies.

Then BOOM!! you are left with a 2 year old doorstop for $700


I would like to add my vote for this feature as well.
I intend to use my PicoPix Max predominantly at home, plugged in, but it’s awesome to have the option to run off the battery when needed.
For this reason I’d like to extend the life of the battery as much as possible by only charging it to 80% at home, but having the option to charge to 100% when I know I’m going to be using it away from a charger.


I have a portable projector from LG which is also battery powered. Since I was using the projector almost exclusively while being plugged in, the battery was unnecessarily charged all the time. The result is that 2 years later, it holds no charge at all anymore. The projector still works fine (lg pf50ks, comparable picture quality and features), but I would need to replace the battery if I want to use it on the go… I would be very sad to see the same fate for the picopix max.

I would be really happy if a charge-limit option were available or even a “no-charge” mode, which basically leaves the battery untouched (as the battery naturally depletes over time even without use, it would make sense to only charge it up again if it reaches a critically low level like 10% or so).

Thanks :slight_smile:


Absolutly agree with a feauture to charge at max 80 %. Dell for example does it already for laptops.


Adding my vote for this too. Please implement this feature. Thanks.


My vote as well, Lenovo laptop has this too. Not sure if this is doable software wise.

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