Be careful when mounting upside down or on the ceiling

I’ve been using my PPM for almost a year now and it’s mounted upside down most of the time. Today I just noticed this. It won’t lay flat anymore because the mount hole part is bent and as you can see some of the locking mechanism were also unhooked. My PPM still works fine except the red/blue charging LED blinking and a bit erratic auto focus. So it looks like it can’t hold its own weight much when upside down. I would suggest having some kind of a support when this kind of setup.

@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N is this covered by the warranty?


Has the unit been very hot? It looks like it has been deformed due to heat, or due to the battery expanding. Scary stuff.

I’m not sure but I do use it a lot, like average of 15 hrs a day since the start of the pandemic :sweat_smile:
And it’s always mounted upside down except for occasional use outdoor.

I don’t think the projector is heavy enough to tear itself open just by gravity.

The battery is right underneath the deformed bottom panel (see Teardown by Paul Bruss - Technical Topics - Philips Projection). If a high capacity battery overheats, it can expand which would cause the deformation of the housing.

A swollen battery is at high risk of being punctured and causing a violent fire (youtube has many videos of failing/punctured phone batteries; the battery in the PPM has a LOT more energy stored in it). I would keep that projector turned off and away from anything you value (ie: preferably in a watertight container outside your house), until you hear from Philips Projection.

Now that scares me :fearful:
I have one theory, for the past weeks I’ve been using the “looks” beta app and that app always gets the fan speed going. so perhaps it indeed makes the projector hotter than usual and makes the plastic bent like that?

I still believe its weight is enough though to cause this. Since the first time I mounted it upside down, I felt like the mounting hole part bents to some degree. I just took the risk because I really wanted it to position it like that.

It is hard to tell from this one image. Look inside the projector through the cracked open space. If it is just the weight of the projector, then the space behind the crack should be empty. If the battery pushed open the housing, then you will see the swolen battery. The battery should be perfectly flat.

DO NOT put anything into the opening to feel or push the battery.

i do not think of the PPM as a device to run all day long , neither do i think it has been built with that usage in mind.
Other than that yes i would have hoped the screw mount been physically better engineered to offer the sturdiness it does on cameras.

Sadly, it does seem to be the battery. I looked closely and I don’t see empty space which means the battery isn’t flat anymore and I even saw a bit of peeling off on the edge of I believe is the battery. I guess these are what I hear as some kind of popping sounds in the past weeks. I’m not sure yet but possibly it’s because I used the “looks” beta app for an extended period of time.

It’s a sad day for me. My PPM kept me sane this pandemic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It came short of just a few days before one year with me. But I guess I’m lucky it didn’t explode above my head :sweat_smile:

@Philips_Support_P I guess I can’t do anything about this anymore? Other than replace?

I am sorry for your loss…

@kugiigi , isn’t your fault apparently there is a big problem in battery managing.

fire risk… :scream:…I’m not very confy with!

stay safe

That post predicted what happened to mine and luckily I didn’t reach the fire up part :sweat_smile:
Speaking of, I need to put my PPM away from our house or anything easily flammable

Remember that you can’t send a defective lithium battery with normal shipping. Here is DHL guide:
Lithium Batteries
Safely transporting Lithium Batteries is essential to ensuring your shipment is delivered as intended.
What you need to know
Lithium Batteries are classified as Dangerous Goods
There are shipping regulations for Lithium Batteries
Defective, damaged and recalled batteries are not permitted
The Shipper is legally responsible for compliance and the safe transportation of Lithium Batteries
Not all types of Lithium Batteries are accepted by DHL Express
You must be a pre-approved DHL Express account holder to ship Lithium Batteries

Yeah, honestly I’m not really hoping I’ll get a replacement anytime soon. It sucks but I guess that’s the reality right now :sweat_smile:

Why don’t you think so?

Because I read some posts about having no response months after filling up the replacement form.
The form even has a field for the preferred date of pickup and I set mine today :sweat_smile:

Does anybody know where we can buy a new battery for the PPM and what type it is?

May I ask did you managed to get a replacement?

I just discovered that my PPM’s battery seems to be slightly bloated too.

I’ve already sent back my PPM and now waiting for the replacement.

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Fellow “bloater” here. This is my second PPM, Philips replaced the first when the focus failed completely.

The second unit was defective on arrival (not charging fully) and quickly got worse by puffing up.

It’s now stored outside my home for fear of fire.

Been waiting since Feb to schedule a return.

Very poor support timing and comms from Philips. Not what I expected when ordering from a “trusted” brand.

After using it for just over a year, my PPM battery has started to bloat too. :frowning: