Cast to device + bluetooth over hdmi

Okay. Got two questions that probably can answered quickly cause it might not be possible due to hardware requirements.

1a. Will it ever be possible to cast directly from iPhone/iPad to the PPX? (AirPlay functionality)
1b. Will it ever be possible to cast directly from iPhone/iPad to the PPX? (Chromecast functionality)
2. Will it ever be possible to get Bluetooth sound output from the PPX while using the external HDMI/USB-C inputs?

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As far as I understood the discussion, I’m afraid 2 is a no-go.

Not sure about 1, I don’t have any apple products, but from what I read on the forum, I thought AirPlay should work in principle?
Apparently, it’s supposed to work more reliably than Miracast at least (the very basic state of which I find regrettable, see here, sorry for the little advertisement)

Yes, AirPlay works fine.

On my iPhone X, I can slide down the Control Center > Screen Mirroring > select PPMax. The iPhone screen will be mirrored onto the PPMax. I can go to play a YouTube video on the iPhone and it will be shown on the PPMax. The audio is also sent to the PPMax. I have a Bluetooth speaker connected to the PPMax so the audio from the YouTube video is played through the Bluetooth speaker.

Thanks for the replies - I however did not ask about airplay - someone has edited my original question… That - I have never experienced before in a forum.

My question #1 was if PPX will have chromecast functionality - if this is technically possible.


Your question originally said pad and phone. That’s a bit vague so I edited the question to make it clearer, by breaking it into two separate cases, for Apple and Android devices. Also this way the question and answers might be helpful for someone else facing the same questions. I also clarified the 2nd question further.

Most other forum moderators probably don’t care about stuff like this but I do, which is why I’ll occasionally even correct typos in posts so the search will find them if used.
I hope you’re not upset, you’re always free to revert or edit your own post despite what I made of it. You can see the edits made by clicking the orange pencil at the top right of your post.

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Hi IvoG - OK with that :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3: