Improvement of Miracast performance

Overall I’m very happy with my PPM, but the Miracast implementation is indeed very limited. It appears to me that its currently only useful for casting pictures or videos from an Android device, but not for use as an actual display, especially with Windows. I wonder if that’s a software or hardware issue. If there is a way of improving the performance in software that would be much appreciated! I had reported my personal observations regarding the restrictions and my use case in another thread, but I thought it might actually be useful to formulate this as a feature request to see if there is wider interest in an improvement of this option.

Specifically, I would hope for:

  • ability to cast at FullHD resolution
  • less intense lag (I’m of course not expecting the same responsiveness as with a cable connection, but something <1s rather than currently around 2s could make it at least usable with interactive uses, similar to what the MS Wireless Display dongle v.2 from 2016 can achieve)
  • since I saw some complaints from people about the overall quality of casting (colours etc.?), any improvements in that area would also be welcome - although this might also be connected to the restricted resolution (I personally have not experienced colour/artifact issues yet, possibly because the first two issues already put me off using the miracast feature for now)

If anybody for whom these would also be desirable improvements votes here, this thread can give a rough idea of whether there is enough interest in pursuing such improvements.

I’d also appreciate feedback from @Philips_Support_P if these are actually hardware limitations that cannot be improved in software.

Could you rewrite this into only what you want to propose and want people to vote on?
Since you already wrote such a great and expansive piece about your experience and even link to it here, I think it would be better to just write here what you’re proposing, and keep the rest as a link. Because at the moment I’m losing sight of what you’re actually proposing.

Good point, I shortened it and made it clearer what people could vote for.


Any news on fixes for the Miracast problems?

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