Charging by using a USB-C to USB-A cable


Is there a way to charge ppm from a laptop or macbook by using a usb cable? Or charging by the adapter is the only way?

Many thanks

Charging is only supported from a USB-C PD source (laptop, power bank or adapter). Beware of current incompatibilities though, see Working external battery pack?

I haven’t (yet) encountered a laptop that is capable of 15V PD output. The MacBook Pro will output 5V at 3A for the first device connected and 1.5A for the second (per side). Nothing higher than 5V. Same thing with a USB-A to USB-C cable, the projector needs to be able to complete Power Delivery negotiation over the CC pin which simply isn’t available in the legacy USB-A connector.

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Hi Werner,

Thanks for detailed information, I have just read the topic you linked and clearly understood that need a compatible powerbank.

Ryan pico charging is not going beyond 4% after new update.
What could be the issue?
Also I’m seperately toubleshooting cable and charger.
Which cable is compatible.
Usb c to c 2.0 is fine ?

A USB-C to USB-C cable with only the USB 2.0 data lines is enough yes, no need for any superspeed wires. Most if not all “charge-only” USB-C cables are USB 2.0 only.

Are you getting the red charging light on the projector when you connect the charger?

Yes I’m getting the red light but it goes upto 4% only.i have asked for a usb c to c 2.0 cable from my friend and will test it as I have done all else.
Philipsnono has kindly offered to replace but if it is a minor problem I would like to fix tht.
Thx for the input