Working external battery pack?

Any suggestions for external usb-c battery pack to connect to PPM? Or did anybody try to connect external battery and see it working/charging?
I have 2 different external USB c battery pack (both linked below) and none of them seem to charge the PPM. (the charging icon next to the battery does not appear when connecting the battery to usb-c power source). I will try and post video later whenever possible.

Really surprised that first one below didnt work :frowning:

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Yeah the second one won’t work as it won’t go higher than 5V on the USB-C port (no PD). The first one seems to be compatible with quite a few MacBook models but maybe only at a lower wattage. I’m planning on trying my tried and trusted Sherpa 100AC. It won’t source the full 65W (maxes out at 60W per USB-C port) but should work in eco and normal mode. At least as long at the PD policies agree with the PPM.

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299 USD :open_mouth: :slight_smile:
But do let me know if that worked for you.

I was really surprised that my RavPower didnt work as it works for my Mac. It provides 87 W supply which is way more than what the PPM requires.

I know, I didn’t buy that power bank specifically for the PPM, that would have been silly :slight_smile: It’s been a great power bank for the past year though (almost a year at least), powering everything from compressor cooler boxes to laptops to a soldering pen (!), phones and measurement equipment. I’ll test it out as soon as the PPM arrives here!

hi Hari,

They both dont work because they dont output enough. the ravpower on USB C only outputs 5v/3a, which is 15 watt.

You can use the rav power though, but you would have to plug in the power adaptor of the PPM to the AC output:)

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Thank you and appreciate your response. Yes, you are right I can charge using AC output, but just wondering if there is a USB c only solution.

Rather than getting into technical specification, can someone (or Philips) point to a specific product (link on amazon will do) which has been tested and worked fine? (Like a link to amazon showing so and so power bank should be able to charge your PPM while you are watching something on it)

For example: Philips listed a bunch of BT speaker which they tested
Do they have similar list of powerbanks which they tested and can share?


Personally i have ordered zendure supertank, will let you know once I tested it. Anything with the same usb PD specs as on the charger should work.

@Philips_Support_P have you tested any powerbank?


Cool Thanks. Let me know how it works.
The issue I am facing is that the above 2 powerbanks do not even display the charging icon when connected using usb-c. So I had 2 questions.

  1. How do I know if it is actually charging or not? (Even if it is under power like supplying less than 65 W)
  2. Or does it mean anything below 65W connected through USB-c powerbank will not charge the PPM

Hello, I have been using my trusty LifePowr A3 (also obtained through Indiegogo campaign - I live life on the edge) and it has been powering PicoPix Max over USB-C just fine!

After an hour or two of PicoPix+NintendoSwitch running off the power bank, the bank was reading between 50% and 75% left. (I use PicoPix as a Switch dock which requires even more power)

I find the easiest way to know if PicoPix is accepting power is whether the projection brightness obviously changes. But you can also tell by the LED (red means charging, etc) and the home screen icon. Unfortunately the projector software doesn’t include any more details such as battery percentage or time-to-full which would be useful here.

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All valid points above. But 210$ for power bank is too much for me.
And as you said, I would rather hope that Philips comes with update to display battery % which is best way to measure if power bank is actually charging or not.
Any update regarding below questions:

  1. Did you test charging with a power bank with PPM in use? If so, how did you measure that it was actually charging.
  2. Any recommendations or if you can share power banks you tested with?
  3. Approximate date of when will Philips release the update to display battery %?

i cannot confirm this yet personally although I’m planning to buy one.
But someone in the telegram group has confirmed that this works on PPM.


Thanks for sending that link @kugiigi
I think I will wait till Philips comes with release to display remaining battery % as that would be best way to measure. For now best way to test is fully charge PPM using the charger they provided. Then connect external battery through usb-c and keep playing the PPM continuously.
With full charge + external battery support, I expect it to last atleast 5 hours in ‘Normal’ mode

Another route is if anyone here has access to a Type-C Power Meter, to quickly compare actual voltage/wattage between the official charger and any third party charger or battery.

I unfortunately didn’t think to bring a meter on my current trip so it’ll be months before I can check the numbers myself. I’ll do a 5 hour run with my LifePowr battery soon but I’m sure it’ll work.

I have both a PD analyzer and a USB-C power meter, just no PPM yet. Let’s see how this advances.

It’s discounted on, just got one.

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Wait, um, is the AC output 230V? The page there says 220V (which I suppose is 230V) in one place, and 110V in another.

Which one are you refering to? (now the quote showed up)

Not sure, mine is the US version (with a 110V outlet). I have seen a 220/230V version in Europe with a horizontal two-prong Euro socket that looks exactly like the picture in your Amazon link. The US version has the connector rotated 90 degrees (should be visible on my link above). If it’s the version with the round prongs it is the 220-ish version.

I need AC for the camera chargers. If it’s 110V, the charger takes it anyways, I’ll just need an IEC C7 plug.