Charging - Led blinking blue and red when plugged

Any update on what is causing this “blue and red blinking” and if it can be fixed with a software/firmware update?



I have a blinking red n blue LED too.
It never charges more then 86% after a long night.
The ’ ’ never answer any of my mails.
I have another issue with ’ Double paid VAT / CH ’

Please advice me on what to do!

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Hi, I received my replacement PPM and reported a new problem with charging the unit, raised ticket #28304

The ticket states ‘awaiting your reply’. I cannot see any response on what I need to do next from Philips Support? Please can you advise @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsIvo


Please can you help… no response to my above query after 10 days!

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Had the same problem with charging. Returned PPM beginning of August. Got the replacement 3 days ago.
Working fine so far.

I have filled the return form since a month ago but never receive any reply since than. What is going on with the Philips customer service?? Does it really require so many days to handle a return request ?? Please help please. (Ticket #29807) @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsEngineering

Replacement PPM was delivered today. For the moment, all is good. I hope that it will remain like that. Good luck guys.

Received my replacement unit few weeks ago and I decided to sell it unopened. I hope next owner will have no problem.

I have recently encountered a similar problem as discussed previous users: red en blue are blinking simulataneously while charging above app.80% and will remain blinking when fully charged to 100%. (NB In one cycle, the device wouldn’t charge above 84%, but this was solved when the battery was depleted to a low level of 10% and successively re-charged.) The battery cycle appears to be fine: when fully charged, it has over 4 hours of working time on the battery. This blinking has started after half a year of use without the problem. When the power cord is disconnected, the blinking stops.
How to stop the annoying blinking? Is this the electronics or is it the battery system? Do I need to return my device under warranty? Hope someone can help out, thanks in advance.

Hi @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsEngineering

Ticket Id : 31675

25 Nov 20: replacement confirmed (ticket 31675)
22 Dec 20: received shipment label UPS (shipment invoice is not sent)
Same date: UPS refused to collect, as there is no shipment invoice (not sent in email)
Same date: Requested shipment invoice and declaration info (e.g. battery declacration)
23 Dec 20: Told me will keep me updated
6 Jan 21: Told me had informed UPS regarding battery. BUT WHERE IS MY SHIPMENT INVOICE!!! Unfortunately the shipment label has also created more than 14 days. CANNOT BE USED ANYMORE
Same date: Reply and mentioned my concerned above.

I am wondering how long shall I further wait… I am being patience all the time.

I am not sure how complicated to get a shipment invoice is. If somebody can help will be good. Also, let not wait for another Christmas, CNY and etc. I have tired for waiting. this is exactly same when I waiting for my purchase last time. I have no idea how many more Christmas or CNY YOU expecting me to WAIT AGAIN!!

I also have the same blinking of red and blue. It seems to have started around the last firmware update. In my observation, it happens when the battery is already full. So far, my PPM works fine though.

In my case, Philips has confirmed with me it is device issue. I had it before my last firmware update, and it is persistent after firmware update.

Maybe is difference compare to yours.

But I will recommend you to have a look with the diagnosis step someone posted earlier in this topic. :grinning: