Common questions / issues and their best solutions

Had a suggestion.
Till date any problems faced by ppl and best successful solution .Can we have a seperate page for that ?
For example on updating Netflix movies not in hd …solution don’t update as philips has tailored it to work best without that.
How to get Disney plus !
How to get proper focus !
Best solution to get focus working without a hitch
Best solution for keystone adjustment etc etc…


These sound like good ideas.

Even better would be to solve the problems so they don’t even need to be answered.
But usually, the FAQ / Knowledge base is where these should end up.

What we could do is curate the best solutions into new posts, which then can be added to the knowledge base.

Hi ivoG
first of all congrats on landing this coveted job with philips …we are all electronic buffs and we envy you but you were always here to answer our questions and solve problems.

I was expecting and was assured by philips that my pico would reach me by begining may when I was in the u.s so I gave my u.s address .
Now after waiting for so long I have taken the evacuation flight back to India and now need to change my address to india.
Could you tell me where to give my address.
Clearly now it will cost me extra to have it delivered to India.
Wish philips waived my delivery fee at least to save me some money.
What will be the cost extra in vat/gst which was not applicable in u s and will now be applicable in india ?
Also how do I write to you to change address?

Please use the search option, this has been called out several times instead of spamming several threads for the same Q.

Imdevu I didn’t do that deliberately.
Search option sucks.
Also fail to understand the hostility.
I’m in the service industry (airline)and let me tell u politeness is the key.
If you don’t want to help pls don’t.
I will manage on my own.
Thank you

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I saw the same message posted across at least 4 threads. I am sorry but I don’t feel that was an accident. I understand that your personal situation has changed, and you are eager for an answer, but you could have read any of those threads thoroughly to get most of the answers that you were looking for.

That being said. I’ve answered all the questions that you have asked on all the threads to the best of my knowledge. I would like to apologise if it seemed hostile.

I am here to help only, and to anxiously wait for for my toy.

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I did try to post but didnt see it go through which is why I posted again in diff threads .
Anyway it’s ok.

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