Compare Picopix Max with other 1080p portable projectors

I’ve create this topic to compare Picopix Max to others portable projectors. (con/pro)

I begin with :
xgimi halo / Picopix Max

Pro (Xgimi Halo) :

  • Android TV with Play store!!!
  • Google Assistant
  • real Chromecast
  • Noise : < 30 db announced (Halo) / 42dB (picopix)
  • Keystone Correction : vertical ±40° Horizontal ±40° (also in HDMI) for the Halo
  • 3D for Halo
  • Two 5W speakers from Harmann Kardon for the Halo (far better than the picopix)
  • Official price before tax : €665 for the Halo (you can find it at 100€ less) / €899 for the Picopix

Con (Xgimi Halo) :

  • Weight : 850g (Picopix Max) / 1600g (Xgimi Halo) Nearly double weight
  • Size : 136 x 134 x 47.5 mm (Picopix) / 113.5 x 145 x 171.5 (Halo)
  • Luminance 850 lumens ansi (Picopix) / 800 Lumens ansi (Halo) (approximately the same)
  • No tripod includ in Halo compare to Picopix
  • No Netflix FHD in Halo (Netflix FHD in PPM)

If you find something else to add…

If you have other projector to compare…


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Are your comparisons based on your experience or based on details in the internet?

I want to post a compare between my Laser beam Pro and PPM but it’s totally unfair I guess because it is so much smaller and quite old :sweat_smile:

But here’s a quick comparison

  • PPM is 4 times the size of Laser beam pro
  • PPM’s brightness is 4 times of Laser beam pro
  • I bought both for almost the same price
  • Laser beam pro is obviously using laser which eliminates the issue with focus
  • Laser beam pro is 768p while PPM is 1080p

And here’s a video of them side by side


I don’t see the interest of your post ?
I want to compare PPM with other actual portable 1080p projectors.
If you read The pro review of passionhomecinema :
" It competes with LG or Xgimi models with built-in battery such as the 550HG or the Xgimi HALO (both cheaper than the Phillips) "

The Xgimi Halo and PPM are 2 projectors with similar properties :slight_smile:
1080p, portable recent projectors, about 800 Lumens ansi, with batteries, with android…

You compare an 1 year old (more than 1 year old i think) projector with an actual one.
A 720p projector with a 1080p one
a 200 lumens with a 800 lumens

So no interest…

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Did you change the title or I just didn’t notice that it should be 1080p? LOL
sorry for that
I thought this is a general comparison of other portable projectors :sweat_smile:
Laser beam pro is definitely portable and a lot more than PPM :smiley:

Hello elierfr,

It is not that I don’t understand kugiigi post, it is your post I do not understand :flushed:. You want to compare portable projectors and you compare PPMax to a 1,6kg one, with more than twice the size of course sound is better but it is not portable which is key here.

Also, this group is for PPMax owners or futur owners and there are other dedicated forum to discuss other projectors capabilities.

Thanks anyway for your interest in PPMax and by the way I received mine yesterday and I am so happy with it, it’s a killer :call_me_hand:

Best regards,

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kugiigi : Yes i’ve changed the title to be more explicit…

Mfayard : The Xgimi Halo is bigger than the PPM but is a portable projector.

As i said :
If you read The pro review of passionhomecinema :
" It competes with LG or Xgimi models with built-in battery such as the 550HG or the Xgimi HALO (both cheaper than the Phillips) "

For me the comparaison is legitimate :
Two 1080p smart projectors, about 800 lumens, with batterie, Android, with audio etc…
Both of them have some con and pro…

I don’t understand Marc’s complaint either. Discussing the PPM via comparison to the competition seems like one of the most practical and useful ways of evaluating it. It can work in PPMs favour when your look at the weight, the size or the brightness. Or the fact that the competition has trouble with Netflix as well (iirc). Or that the optical engines on all of these projectors tend to defocus after a while. Prashant has mentioned colour accuracy as a strength of the PPM in this price bracket.

I’m conflicted about comparing to the Halo for reason of price. The Mogo Pro seems closer, at least from what I’m looking at. Yes, the PPM is supposedly launching at a Halo price, but will it really? There’s a really good discussion to be had there.

The PPM is 30% more expensive than the Halo (theoretically).
If Philips lies they will have to refund us (the difference)…

The Mogo pro doesn’t have a batterie (i think) so it isn’t the same kind of product…

Don’t forget that we have invest in a crowdfunding project, that’s why we have paid about half the price.

Hi Elie,

You might have been misguided by the marketed RRP but it’s not a lie. RRP is only an indication provided by the producer to the distributors. Distributors are generally free (depending on brands and agreements) to do what they want. This will only impact their own distribution margin. So no they won’t have to refund you the difference.

Coming back to the topic, Mogo pro has a battery.

I also find this topic usefull and would like to see side by side comparisons with various competitors (even with different features, batery powered or not as long as the projector is small and convenient enough to be easily moved from one room to another) such as Halo, mogo pro, Z6, LG PF50, Qumi Q38, Mars II, etc…

Agreed. Different feature sets is what sets competitors apart. The aim is not to decide which is better overall, but which set of features and qualities best suits ones needs.

It’s interesting to see what is and isn’t possible at a given price point. It puts both qualities and deficiencies in perspective. That’s a lot more useful than praising or bashing. Prashant has done great explaining why certain things aren’t realistic at the price point. Looking at the competition shows what has and have been achieved and levels expectations.

We’ll have to see what the PPM actually sells for at street level to compare. For us it’s a different discussion given the money we paid. The Halo is a lot more than that on the street here.

In France we have some Laws…
You cannot put a price and strike out the price as you want…
We must be able to verify the veracity of the price…

Exact the mogo pro has a battery (but only 300 lumens)

Quote : "Le prix de vente conseillé ou PVC est un prix indicatif de vente proposé aux distributeurs par le fabricant.

Le prix de vente est conseillé et non imposé pour se conformer à la législation relative à la liberté des prix."

The law you refer to in France (and generally in Europe) relates to the obligation to correctly quote the previous price applied when you sell with a discount. In our case, the product has never been sold before and they simply refer to the RRP.

Sorry i’ll reply in french :
Sur le site de Indiegogo, nous avons acheté un produit avec un prix barré et le prix vendu.
Nous avons payé de la TVA car il a bien été indiqué que l’on achetait un produit chez un vendeur “philips”
La réglementation sur les prix barrés sur un site internet et très stricte!!!
« le vendeur doit pouvoir justifier de la réalité du prix de référence à partir duquel la réduction de prix est annoncée ».
Si le prix barré n’est pas le prix couramment appliqué par les revendeurs dans ce cas il faudra qu’ils corrigent et donc remboursent la différence car la réduction de xx% ne sera plus valable.

Mais je suis certain que Philips est honnête…

Ce n’est pas le sujet

Sorry for the answer in french it was easier and relevant only for french laws.
To sum up i just say that if the price before tax change when they will sell the product, they will have to refund us for the difference because we have paid for %tage of reduction.

This post was only to compare high quality 1080p portable smart projectors :wink: not to debate the price

I agree, even if price is an important part of the comparison…
I would tend to anticipate that the retail price will be generally EUR/USD 899 VAT included day one. I might be wrong but this is my current point of comparison. Even at this price we had a good discount.
Based on my needs, if I had to buy in the store (at expected retail price) I would probably have taken the Halo (because I won’t use it for camping or trips, but mostly will need to move it from room to room and sometimes at friends place).

At that price point, compared to the Halo, the PPM really seems to prioritize size and weight over everything. I’m in the same boat as Maxime, where portability matters, but not to that degree, so the comparison is interesting. HDMI 2.0, compatibility with external 4K/HDR/funnyfeatures. 3D. But bulky and twice as heavy. I’d love to hear what the picture is like.

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I would love the ppmax to match the image quality of the Halo but realistically it will be difficult. Halo has a better dmd and xgimi are very good in image precision and sharpness. Happy to be wrong !
On the other side, the integrated FHD Netflix (assuming it works fine…) is a strong plus for my use case compared to Xgimi.

In the Xgimi there is the play store with android TV so i’m sure the version of Netflix is in FHD


So a good point for PPM
I’ll add (edit) my post