Contrast Ratio 10.000:1 or 1.000:1

Hello Philips/Screeneo. Could you explain more contrast issue of PPM.
The Tech Spec annouced the contrast value 10.000:1 Graphical on main IGG page

According to measured contrast values by Gregory from Passion Home Cinema - Test Philips Picopix Max @Philips_Support_P was explained in post PicoPix Max Reviews

Gregory has a different method of measurement. He measures pointing at the lens. We measure pointing at the wall cuz that’s what you see. So our contrast values are almost double.

Measured of Gregory values was about 225:1, according @Philips_Support_P statement, so you achieved contrast measure about 500:1 - still this is much less than announced in PPM Tech Spec.
Maybe is it project design mistake and target contrast value should be announced just up to 1000:1, not 10.000:1 as mention Tech Spec - isnt’ it?

In my opinion to be compliant, it will be very fair to change the Tech Spec Table and market datasheets for correct contrast value. As contrast ratio up to 1000:1 is still very good result, I think.


Those contrast values are marketing figures. Their purpose is different, it’s for B2B (attracting distributors), many of whom don’t have projector industry experience but understand TV like specs better. For you and I, I would pay more attention to the measurements from reviewers or your own subjective impressions.

@Philips_Support_N can offer more insight.


“t’s for B2B (attracting distributors)”

i don’t agree with your opinion. A specification must be real and not a liar. When you announce 4w speakers for example ? It’s real or not ? How the consumer can be compare if we must be thinking this data is real but the others not ? In France, the law is precise about this.

Effectiviness, like said JackoPPX, you must give the real data. Thanks

For example, for this characteristic , i’m disappointed

I think you misunderstood.

There is no official standard way of measuring contrast ratio, so there is no “real” data. Every manufacturer measures it in the most favourable way to get a high number. This is then used in marketing material, causing B2B buyers to expect other manufacturers doing the same. What reviewers such as PHC do is have their own standard. So their contrast measurement can be compared to other measurements done by the same reviewer. This can help you compare various products.

The same is true for a lot of specifications, like lumens (not ANSI lumens), speaker wattage, fan loudness etc.

Dear all, I hope we have all figured it out, that such figures are pure marketing. Most TVs have actual contrast or around 1000:1, of course there are worse and there are better. OLED are another thing. Even big brands (I won’t specify names) market their porable projectors as 100 000:1.
I think this was discussed on IGG before and Philips mentioned it was 600:1 but let’s wait for @Philips_Support_N to confirm.

The point is, let’s not try to make a big deal out of this. And we can always get a good grey projector - the better the gain, the better the contrast. :slight_smile:


There should be true native (true physical light source) contrast ratio and dynamic (achieved by software) contrast ratio on specification.