Corner Correction with HDMI

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I have my projector placed on the side (instead of front) of the wall, meaning I need to adjust the 4 corner to have a flat image on my wall. This works very well when I am using the projector by itself. Unfortunately anytime I use the HDMI, all correction dispears. My question is the following:

Is it possible to adjust the 4-corners correction of the PicoPix Max in order to have a flat image on the wall, even when my projector is on the side? Or does it only work with HDMI when you put your projector in front of the wall?

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Hi Cyril,

Unfortunately 4-corner correction is not supported through HDMI. Please have a look here for more information: INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs

I was disappointed when I found out, but have accepted that when using HDMI the projector must be in the middle.


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Dear Mattias, thank you for your answer! I read that the vertical tilt will be managed, therefore I simply have to put my videoprojector in front of the wall, no matter the height at which I place it, is that correct?

Yes, but avoid extreme positioning/angle.

Btw. corner adjustment is not implemented properly - if you looked closely you could see that the picture was stretched - for example 1/2 of the the image was shown on 1/3 of projected area closer to the position of the projector and the other 1/2 on the rest 2/3 of the area. It was too noticeable for us and we stopped using it this way because of it

My projector seems fine with 4 corner correction with a HDMI input. I can’t CHANGE the 4 corner correction once viewing through a HDMI input, but if the correction is set up prior to changing the input the image remains the same shape.

This is happening with me when using PPM to connect with a PS5 that requieres HDMI connection. Any suggestions on how to work this around? :X Many thanks!