Device won't charge

Okay, so none of the chargers you have will work. The Philips’ one died on first insertion, and the others can’t provide the required voltage.

Meaning? Do I request a new charger? If so, how?

My PPM is dead and i’m unable to use it. It had been weeks since i reached out to the customer care team but the PROJECTOR/FAX/STB Philips Consumer Care keeps telling me that the replacement adapter is out of stock.

I have a charging problem too. No LEDs, charger works fine. I have answered all questions to support email but have had no response for over a month.
I have made my own thread too and written to PhilipsIvo personally but no response either.

My contribution ID is 21166. My request number in the email thread with screeneo is 29853 where I describe the problem further.

This is starting to feel like an elaborate scam.