DHL lost my parcel - what to do?

  1. DHL told me that they can not do anything, the trucking number is worng
  2. I already write like 12 emails to screeneo… no answer…
  3. I have been waitng for 5 weeks already…
  4. my bank doesnt give the money back once it has been charge-… so I really dont know what else to do…

any news on that? I have exactly the same problem

Hi @paula.mena.albarran - unfortunately I have still not received any response.

I do have faith that the issues will be resolved by @PhilipsIvo and the Philips team. Whilst the situation is frustrating for the backers who have not received their projector, I do understand the unprecedented logistical challenges the corona virus has caused the team.

My frustration currently is with DHL, as I don’t understand is how they managed to lose my parcel, considering it was tracked from Germany to the UK, and en route for delivery twice. I became quite annoyed that it was nearly impossible to contact DHL - only after resorting to Twitter they responding quite quickly but they were no help whatsoever.

Further to my previous reply (as the person who started this thread about my product being lost and not being delivered):

@PhilipsIvo despite there being 2 outstanding queries from me on the support ticket, asking for an update on DHL, I have not received a reply for 2 weeks from you. Am I supposed to come to this forum to get a response from you because I’m not getting one through the ‘official’ channel?

You backed a crowdfunding campaign…
one of the potential pitfalls is an uncertain delivery timeline.

No. The product is ready, this isn’t about “when will it ship because it’s a kickstarter”. This is about logistics now and about providing a basic level of customer service to those who have paid a great deal of money.

@PhilipsIvo wrote:
I for one have 500+ open logistics-related tickets to deal with still.

Wow. I mean, seriously, that’s a ludicrous amount. If I were you, I would threaten to quit unless your employer takes on more support staff.

But, equally, it’s not my problem - it’s your employer’s problem. I cannot make your problem into my problem. My problem is that I paid my money, the product is ready, it never arrived, and now I need clear answers in a reasonable time frame. 2 weeks without replying to a support ticket is simply unacceptable.

As I said, next stop for me is telephone call to the bank to claim the credit card money back (product not received) and put an end to this sorry saga.

I was so patient for so many months, I was so understanding that this is a kickstarter, so accepting about Covid-19. But enough is enough.

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Why, when I volunteered to help on the forum just to help you all get information about your projectors, and later accepted the request by Philips Projection to actually help to get your projectors to you all? I could just quit and walk away, I got my projector on the 1st of February so I was good. But I’m not built like that, and quitting would only make matters worse, and all my efforts to help for nought.

For that I am truly sorry, but I just didn’t have anything to update you with yet. That doesn’t mean I have not been working on your case and all the other cases on my plate. But I’ve been working on the actual solutions, not on keeping you all just happy with progress reports that amount to nothing and are just pacifiers.

I understand that. As long as you understand that I took all of your problems and made them mine to solve, which takes me more time than just dealing with only your problem, I’m fine with that.

Anyways, I’m heading into another night of working on the tickets, trying to weed out the many duplicate status update requests from the actual urgent cases, the spamming mails from the only one email ever sent when the situation was at the most critical, and hoping to find clarity and solutions for everyone’s problems.


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thanks @thelast3minutes

I don’t have many more options, or wait and have even more patience than I’ve already had, or start legal action with the consumer organization.

Hi @PhilipsIvo

After contacting DHL 3 times I’ve come to the part where they said I cannot do anything more from my end. They are awaiting a call from the sender to help resolve the lost parcel, I’ve provided the number and details in the e-mail.

Thanks for your continued support,



Good Morning @PhilipsIvo now my tracking number no longer appears on the DHL website, it shows me the following message:

Sorry, your tracking attempt was not successful. Please check your tracking number. (404)”

What should I do?

Thank you

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Hi Ivo, understand the tendency to not send unneeded updates but I have been patiently waiting for two weeks, but stuff needs to be done now, the package is lost, I hope it is not simply stolen and often these things need to be done within a certain number of days before they get shipped back or destroyed. Sorry that you have to deal with this DHL mess.

ticket nr = 26225, 24950 (emails, 6/7,13/7, 18/7, with some additional updates)
DHL tracking code = CR071957041DE
IndieGoGo contribution ID = 19814
email (see profile, rather not post that here)
additional steps: did call DHL and they came again with legally we are not allowed to take any steps, so did my spam emails, Tweets explaining I am displeased with DHL and any crowdfunder should circumvent loosing 5% of their shipment by choosing DHL.

"Voor de bezorging heeft de verzender DHL ingehuurd. Gaat daarmee iets mis? Dan is het aan de verzender om DHL daarop aan te spreken. Immers, DHL komt de overeenkomst met de verzender dan niet naar behoren na. Het is dan ook de verzender die een onderzoek kan instellen of een claim kan indienen.

Helaas kunnen wij ook niet voor u namens de verzender een onderzoek starten, de verzender moet zelf moet contact opnemen met DHL

Ik begrijp dat dit een teleurstellende conclusie is en dat de procedure u omslachtig voorkomt, maar dit is juridisch gezien de juiste weg om in dit soort gevallen tot een oplossing te komen."

DHL DE tracking page now shows returned to sender :frowning:

Ticket (24673) updated by email…


Please can you add this to your list to resend?

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It has been 2 weeks since your previous message and more than a month with zero feedback.

How much more patient to you expect us to be?

Can I please have a resolution to my case: Parcel stuck since 2nd May.

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Anyone else heard anything? Mine’s still missing. I’ve heard nothing for a long time

Head nothing at all. I was told by @PhilipsIvo that there would be a replacement tracking number and unit… …but that was weeks ago and now has gone completely dead.

It feels like every time I put my faith in the system/suppliers I am let down.

I can’t see any choice now except to just claim the money back from the bank.


Tbh it’s a last resort I really don’t want to have to do. But I wasn’t even promised a fresh tracking number & new delivery. Really didn’t expect such poor customer care from a reputable company.


i already tried that, and since the payment was almost 10 months ago, they cant do anything…
the only solution that I have is wait @PhilipsIvo respond (3 weeks with no news) and hope that philips send a new trucking number someday.

Or take legal action for scam, since I have bought a product for months and it does not reach me, they do not even answer the emails to give any kind of information.

This is very disappointing and frustrating. Of course I will NEVER buy another product from this company, the customer service is REGRETTABLE

Actually that’s not your problem …should be between philips nd dhl…dhl will have to pay up

I have the same problems with Philips and DHL…
After my parcel went lost in March 2020 I contacted DHL and realised that Philips have to take about the whole thing.
I contacted the support via email and via the community platform for several times but received no help.
I purchased over 400€ over a year and a half ago and still missing my PPM while all other backers already have theirs.
Someone finally needs to take care of this cases and initiate new shipments. The customer care is so disappointing and annoying.

@PhilipsIvo @PhilipsNono