Disney+ has stopped working

Disney+ was working great, but last night it would say “New Update Available” every time I loaded it. There was never an update available and if I press the “back” button it just hangs on the Disney+ logo.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. This was prior to installing the new firmware, so tried the new firmware too and same issue.

same here…

I would kindly like to ask anyone reporting an issue with getting an app to work on the PPM, to include at least the following information in bold , if not all of the following:

Service: (what does it do, what is it for)
App Name: (name fo app)
App Version: (version number of app)
Source: (Aptoide Store, web page with URL, etc.)
Status : Working fully / partly / not at all (elaborate in notes if needed)
PPM Firmware version : a.b.c
Full HD: Yes or No
Remote Support: (Works with Standard remote, or tablet / mouse interface)
Notes: anything worth noting about the app, Settings, install procedure.

Getting some of this information is easy with just a little guidance.

If you go to any app on your home screen, you can open the context menu for it by pressing the button rightmost of the Home button (the one with ≡ on it). In the image below I’ve done so for the app Aptoide TV, which then shows the version number on the Context menu

I dont have Disney +, but my mate round the corner has and he’s telling me the app isn’t working on his freshly delivered PPM.

Is it just the wrong version he’s using?

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I can’t tell ya if I don’t know which version ya talking about Sponnie! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I still can’t get Disney + working. I really need this to work as it’s the whole reason I chose this projector.

Make sure you got the Android Disney Pus app, not the Android TV Disney Plus app.

I’m running version 1.6.0 build 225135 on my PPX without any issues

Ha ha - that’s true. Does he need to side load the official app? Or should the one stated in your last response below work correctly from Aptoid?

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I don’t know if the versions downloaded from the Aptoide store are different or work, I used to use Aptoide more (and still do) but have switched to relying on APKPure store more lately. So yes, the version I posted should work, probably regardless of where you get it from.

I understand that the term Sideloading refers to installing outside of a store, but in my view, installing is installing, regardless of where you got something from. So I don’t judge or look down at installations not carried out through a store, although I understand that others may prefer only store initiated installations.

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Cheers mate.

Turns out there is at least 2 different versions on Aptoide. It took me 2mins to resign up to D+, download the app and get playing.

I’ve spent the last 10mins taking the piss out if him :joy::joy: (and now watching Starwars)

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