Dutch users - Working streaming apps

Hi all,

I’m looking for options to stream Dutch TV to the PPM (e.g. NPO, NLZiet, Fox Sports Go, Ziggo)z.

Is there any way doing this, without using HDMI? I really need the 4CC. So Chromecast is no option to me.

Tried to install and launch NLZiet, NPO, however without succes due to the Google Media Services limitation.

Using Airplay from an iOS device also doesn’t work.

Without having a proper solution the PPM is almost useless to me. Not buying a projector for Netflix-only.

Any ideas?

Tried the same thing yesterday. Nlziet indeed does not seem to work.
Ziggo Go however gives the same gms error, but when you click ok still continues on my PPX and is usable:)
Videoland also works.

Al these where installed via the aptoide store.

Oh about Ziggo that’s great news - need to use someone’s account but at least an option to stream… let me try :slight_smile:

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Ziggo works - hoewever it doesn’t run smoothly. Do you experience the same?

Just tried it really quickly, that looked ok. Will try more this weekend:)

T-Mobile Everywhere and Ziggo do work, unfortunately NLZiet and NPO not.

Would be great if there’s a solution for this :slight_smile:

The ziggo issue is due to the lack of GMS, and sadly there is only a small chance that will be fixed. If tmobile is also GMs related it is the same issue. Haven’t tested that

It would also be Nice of we van download the KPN Interactieve TV app. I can not stream kpn…

Hopefully it Will be solved

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Hi all

Ziggo Go is working good on my ppm.

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Ziggo Go (although there is a message about google services), Kodi, Netflix, Disney+ all working good now on my PPM!
Just got Disney+ working today.

Did you do anything different or worth sharing to get it working?

@IvoGrijt what would you like to know?
On which one you’re having issues?

Just updated to new software version also and it still works.

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Well, you said you just got Disney+ working, as if you hadn’t been able to before. That’s what prompted my question.

@IvoG , Oh yes, well when I tried the ‘standard’ Disney+ apk, it installed, I could also fill in my credentials, but then the application crashed. I tried to reboot, but still kept crashing, also reinstall didn’t work.
So I googled and found a solution for an other device (Android TV OS running) and I tried that solution and that worked for me:

Enjoy Disney+



What does SAI do?

@IvoGrijt it is an apk installer. ( Split APKs Installer (SAI) )
when you have the 3 apk files, just select them and install them with SAI.
And be patient, let the installer finish all the 3 installations first before starting up Disney+, otherwise Disney+ could have issues.


@yhalmudt this post

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Thank you. Do I have to put all 4 files on a MicroSD card and insert it into the PPM? What to do then?

I’m not an Android/Windows user and have no clue about these things :smile:

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@yhalmudt yes download them on the ppm itself with browser or put them on usb/sd and install from there. First the SAI app and then open the SAI application and select the 3 files (or the 1 zipfile) and install.

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