Express VPN activation (And special Price)


How to activate the free subscription to express VPN?
I remember that Philips told us that Express VPN will be free for some time.



1: create a new account inside Express VPN app
2: send us the email you used to register in order for us to extend the free period and your special price

Can I have your email address?


please send me a Private Message here when you have your account done on Express VPN.

@Philips_Support_N Can you share details on how long the free period is extended and what the special price is?

1: create a free account INSIDE the PicoPix Max Express VPN app
2: send us your email address and we will activate the 30 days for free
3: Activate your offer here: and select GET EXPRESS VPN with the same email address you created your account

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If I previously uninstalled ExpressVPN from the PPM, can I just redownload it from the Aptoide store and install it, or was there something special about the original installation?

What’s the best email to send you the activation request?

I just signed up for express VPN with an email:

Send me a PM please :slight_smile:

No cause we have a special version. I can send you the APK

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I can’t send a personal message to you (it’s blocked)

Yes please!

Hi, how do I get the free trial

Hi there, the same issue. What is the email to ativate the expressVPN? thanks

Please guide me how to get the express VPN activated for 3 months. I don’t see any option to reply with my email id.

I send my account email DM to Philip’s nono.
But no reply and activation so far. Anybody can help me there?

want to set up free trial extension for VPN - and send you my email but cannot see how to send DM?

Guys, as soon as you have created your account from our Express VPN app on the projector, please send me your email address here: so we can activate your free 30 days trial



Has anyone tried using express vpn on amazon prime and does it work?
I haven’t tried express vpn as I already have an account with cyberghost, but every time I tried to access prime US content the prime app can detect that I’m either using a vpn or proxy server and won’t allow me to play anything

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