Express VPN not working on picopix max

Is anyone else having issues with getting express VPN to work with either Netflix or amazon prime?
I have tried the following:

  • changing the current location, I have tried alot of the American locations
    -changing the VPN protocol.
  • I have checked for updates for express VPN, Netflix and amazon prime.

Is there anything else I can try? I can give more information if required to diagnose this issue.

I can get express VPN and Netflix to work on my phone under all VPN protocols and most locations.
Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem -> e VPN is able to connect - there is internet as I can surf. I can even login to netflix / amazon without issue and I see the country specific content come up. But when I try to start streaming, I get the proxy error. I think its an e VPN settings thing, but cant figure it out yet.

This is the same as what I am getting. I am not sure what other settings I can try or if this is either an issue with the VPN or the Netflix/ prime apps.

Same here… I can stream Netflix to every compatible device in my place … except the pico

Check this topic

There are some solutions that apparently worked for some but unfortunately it’s not completely solved yet. @Philips_Support_N is in contact with EVPN.

Hello, a new version of Express VPN will be out in 7 days. We will test it and get back to you

Thanks guys! I have seen the old thread. I tried setting the VPN settings to TCP. That did not help. I am yet to try the DNS proposal - but could you remind me how i can do that? Isnt it part of the ‘developer unlock’ of the projector?
“You can also use the DNS from Express VPN directly inside the Wifi option of the projector.”