Fire Stick remote volume control

So I connected my fire stick (FS) to the projector and it works flawlessly so far. My only problem is that I can’t control the volume level from my FS remote. I was hoping that there is specific setting where I can allow my FS controller some control over the projector. I know it’s a small inconvenience but as much as possible I’d like to use just one remote. Thanks.

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Which fire stick version do you have?
The old version doesn’t even have volume control.
The PPM remote can control the volume of the projector while in HDMI. You can max it out then if your fire stick has a volume control, then adjust that accordingly and never touch the volume on PPM again.

That would be HDMI CEC I guess? That’s not supported in the current state of firmware, but from a hardware perspective it should be possible. I think the official word is that it’s not supported by the PPM, full stop. I’m curious to see if there are ways to enable that sort of control unofficially.

@kugiigi have a fire stick 4K, so it has the the volume control. It’s be nice to leave it at a certain volume but realistically some audio is balanced differently. Some videos are louder or softer, plus the volume control range on hdmi is pretty small leading to bigger jumps in between. I want to simplify my set up as much as possible.

@wernerj yea that’s what I was thinking but I wish I knew the magic ir profile number maybe that could make it happen? Hopefully it’s available somewhere or some time soon.

Was already requested and you can vote for this feature at:

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In the meanwhile, you can create the object “Home theater” in your Amazon Alexa app using external speakers like Echo Dot or Echo Plus.

This object can be used by the Fire Stick 4K like an external speaker and the volume adjustment will work from the Stick remote.

If you already have few speakers available this could help…

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BTW: I‘m using this already to workaround Bluetooth Lipsync problems when a FireTV 4K is Bluetooth paired with an Echo Show 5.