Font size is too small

Hi. Is there a way to increase the font size?

I know we are stuck with “tablet” mode but I just wonder if there is a way to have an “accessibility” mode activated so that the font size is bigger and we get to actually see and read.


What would be awesome is if the autofocus camera could determine the size you are projecting to, and make a dpi setting adjustment that would be effective system wide automatically.

Short of that we do really need a system setting to increase font size or change dpi systemwide…


There is an hidden menu (developer mode I guess, I use this on my phone) in Android where the font size can be changed. Philips could consider, in future, once all is fixed etc, to add a menu entry in the UI to change the font size…

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Hi Guys,

Philip’s is working on an option for improving the fonts. So there will be a solution in a future update:)


I agree the font is too small and sometimes not legible. I have not found a way to increase the font.

@PhilipsEngineering might know of a way!

As said, prashant his team is working in it:)

Yes we are working on this!



I would ask for a language setting for input. As a swede, I am used to english menu, and I don’t ask for a swedish menu, but both onscreen keyboard and a USB-keyboard we need a language setting globally. We need to have a way to use ÅÄÖ åäö for password reasons and during messaging.


Perhaps you can make this a separate suggestion also in this category, to ensure it isn’t overlooked! :+1:t4:

Ok folks I can confirm we’re increasing the DPI to 2x scaling in the next software update. We already tested it internally. Now we are adapting some of the UI.

There will not be a user-adjustable slider, but the entire UI will have 2x HiDPI scaling (i.e. rendered at 1080p but scaled to look like 540p).


Will this affect the overall performance? Also, have you checked its effect on apps that already have good scaling like smart youtube tv?
Thanks for your work. When’s the next beta? :smiley:

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No noticeable difference increase in performance (which is a bit disappointing but it is what it is). We are working from GPU driver side to improve the performance. The Mali 450 is more than capable, just needs optimisation.

I’ve not noticed any scaling problem with any app so far.

Exactly what I want to hear. I think the GPU is plenty capable given that it is marketed for 4k tb boxes. I really wish it gets solved. I think thr PinePhone also uses rockchip so I have high hopes for Rockchip :grin:

This feature was implemented. Please go through the below thread for details:
Software Update v1.0.27 is available now