Gaming Controller Capability

I am aware of the existing limitation preventing two Bluetooth audio devices being connected simultaneously, and that Philips is currently working on this for a future update.

Does anyone know if connecting two Bluetooth game controllers at once would also fall victim to this issue? I am hoping to connect two 8bitdo Bluetooth controllers for multi-player gaming. Thanks!

I can’t test this as I don’t have BT gaming controllers, but I think it should be possible, as the Airmote is also a BT controller and you can add more devices. It’s just that the audio needs to be routed, the BT input devices don’t.
Try connecting a BT mouse, BT keyboard, and the Airmote and see if they all work.

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Bluetooth has been supporting simultaneous connection since like forever. Last I know it supports up to 7 devices. Not sure now.

So yes, I think that would work fine. The only issue like Ivo mentioned is outputting audio simultaneously to 2 BT speakers.

It should work fine! Let us know if you have any issues.

Only dual audio is not working right now.

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Awesome! Thanks for the responses, haven’t received my projector, but was just wondering in advance, thanks again!

I have an Xbox controller and an extra BT controller. I will try it one of these days :wink:

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Unfortunately, because PPM is running on Android 9, PS4 Controller won’t work on Bluetooth.
You need to plug it on USB.

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I forgot to update you but I posted a video on telegram showing my xbox one gamepad and another BT gamepad connected to my PPM playing Marvel vs Capcom so yup they work and maybe even more controllers :smiley:

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Can you repost it on YouTube or here?

I have the old Xbox 360 PC USB dongle that we use on our NVIDIA shield and we pair up to 6 Xbox 360 wireless controllers, has anyone tried this yet?

We have epic fun games nights playing Bombsquad and ultimate chicken horse etc like this.

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What abour ”Steam Controller” with the USB adapter that it uses? Would the PPM handle it or is it only BT controllers that’s supported?

Did try to plug it in but didn’t find it MAME4droid, but it can be the app that’s the issue here!

Any app that you can use to validate if the controller works or is identified by Android?

Just found something!

After announcing the upcoming launch of Steam Link and Steam Video apps for Android and iOS, Valve has decided to enable Bluetooth connectivity for the Steam Controller, thus allowing owners to connect it to a smartphone or tablet.

So lets find that firmware update for the controller and lets try it via Blutooth :wink:

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Had a play around with my XBox 360 USB dongle today.

The PPM immediately picks up the wireless XBox 360 controller and I can move around the home launcher with either the left analogue stick or the DPad, but I cannot select anything no matter what button I press.

I then installed Snes9x and all my old SNES ROMs and the 360 controller works perfectly.

I pair 2 X controllers and played Mario kart, street fighter and mortal combat with zero lag.

I then installed RetroArch, but could not navigate the menus to set it up with either the 360 controller or the Airmote/mouse.

So I then installed Mupen64 and my N64 ROMs and played Donkey Kong and Mario Kart 2 player perfectly. (Mario Kart dropped to around 15FPS).

Then I installed ePSXe and some PS1 ROMs and managed to load up Crash Bandicoot but still having to try and play around with the controller mapping because it is all off.

Finally I installed the Android game BombSquad (so sooo much fun) and paired 4 X 360 controllers and it worked perfectly.

My only issues are back to the lack of GPS. I cannot install Ultimate Chicken Horse, JackBox Party Packs or Octodad due to the lack of Google Play store.

Oh and cannot install ArcBrowser as my front end for the emulators because it’s a paid app.

Is there anyway to install a paid app without Google Play?

(Not looking to pirate, I own these games)


Thanks for this info - exactly what I was looking for. Specifically the SNES, how bad was the Mario Kart 64 with the frame drops?

Playable, I mean, it’s Mario Kart, not Call Of Duty. Good enough for some fun with the kids.

I’m going to play around with a few other emulators, and I’ll report back if I settle on anything.

It might mean going back to Kodi as the front end though if I can’t get Arc Browser to work.

The open-source Aurora Store could give you access to several apps from Play Store.

NOTE: We don’t officially support it nor recommend using it. We specially don’t recommend inputting your Google credentials in this app. The above is provided for information only.


Hi there,

I own 4 SONY playstation 3 controllers. Their battery are all dead, so Bluetooth does not work, but I connect them to USB to my computer and they work very well.
Today I’ve connected the controllers directly to the PPM using a 4-port USB HUB and play some games installed on the PPM. The controllers were all recognised and active, so I could use them to navigate in the game menus and play.

However, from the very moment I plug them in the USB-A port of the PPM, they start to vibrate and will not stop until I unplug them, which in the end make them unusable.
@Philips_Support_P Could we do something about it ?



Which controllers are you guys using with the PPM?
I borrowed a 8bitdo sn30 pro from a friend but could not manage to connect it via bluetooth. I got 2 PS3 sixaxis controllers which work quite well when connected via USB, but not wireless.
I’m looking for a reliable wireless solution, any advice on that?

the 8bitdo’s should connect, I have the travel sized 8bitdo Zero 2’s, and connected them up no problem, running Snes9x and Mupen64 (obviously N64 is unplayable on these controllers).

Hi helix,
I have 4 PS3 dual shock 3 sixaxis controllers, all of which the battery is dead, so I use them connected via a USB cable only. But, as mentioned in my previous most above, when connected to the USB port of the PPM they won’t stop to vibrate until I unplug them.
Does it happen to you also?

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