General info about shipment and manufacturing

Thank you for the response @PhilipsSteve
Hope I get my ppm this week. Its a long wait but Still excited.

Hi @PhilipsSteve Please could you have a look at this? I´m waiting since MAY…

Hope all here, I am getting quite desperate. Received my shipping label a long, long time ago. Send numerous messages that I moved country (yes covid turns all lives around), and got promised the label would be updated. However the unit got shipped to France anyway.

I am not sure what to do anymore since no one responds on direct messages or emails.

Find this incredibly disturbingnand hope some one can resolve this ASAP for me.

Hi @PhilipsIvo, @PhilipsNate,

Ticket #26357

I have not received any information for a long time. My PPM was returned to german warehouse in august and since then no news.

My last updates is asking for a full refund. If you are not able to do anything to deliver the projector, please, i kindly ask for a refund.

Thank you very much in advance.



Yes indeed, we will receive all those returns to our HQ tomorrow or on monday and then send it to you directly from Switzerland. I noted your case in our shipping queue. Thanks

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Thank you very much Nono!.



Regarding Switzerland, my unit is stuck since 24 of September, after leaving “return to sender” status. I thought things were moving switfly since then but now I´m trapped in the waiting loop. Could you check it out?

Ticket #25007

@PhilipsSteve @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsNono

Hello Miguel,

Sorry about the long wait and poor communications. In looking through your mails, your units seems to have been returned to Germany by DHL for whatever reason.

There are a batch of units that should arrive in our office in Switzerland next week, and we have added you to the list of shipments.

It will be faster to send you a unit directly from our office, as our forwarder is extremely slow in correcting these issues.

You should receive a new tracking number in the coming days.



You guys should do something extra for Miguel… Like Jesus. Give him something… That’s an unreasonable amount of mismanagement.

@PhilipsSteve @PhilipsNono @PhilipsNate @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsSupport

Request: 24748
So yeah, for visibility I’ll be posting here.

I have received my new tracking number via BackerKit last October 9 but until now package is still not trackable. So, I really just want to know what is the ACTUAL STATUS of this shipping batch!


This is my third tracking number hence my concern that again I’m being given hope that I’ll receive my item soon but turns out that I will wait for months before another action will be taken.

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I just heard that the current batch of HK direct deliveries (Addresses in APAC and Americas) was held up in customs between China mainland and HK.

The units have apparently cleared customs now and will arrive in HK shortly. The tracking numbers will be scanned and go live.

@PhilipsSteve Completely the same situation with my parcel going to Denmark.
I’ve heard nothing since October 9’th :man_shrugging:

Date Tracking Details
10/09/20 DHL – 6889347161

Yes, you are in the same batch as Jadd. We gave an order for reshipment of about 40 units to our forwarder. We received tracking numbers for these shipments, but none of the tracking numbers work yet.

They told us it was a delay in customs clearance between China and HK.

We are watching the situation. Hopefully they are telling the truth…

Don’t mean to be spamming here just a tad frustrated…so apologies for reposting my msg from Return 2 sender thread: could you please help me with my returned delivery? My IGG Contribution no. is 20969 …from February this year.

Hoping to be in the same batch as guys above! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your hepp @PhilipsSteve @PhilipsNono


@PhilipsSteve @PhilipsNono @PhilipsNate @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsSupport
Request # / Support Ticket # : 29860

Please refer to the screenshots below:1-BackerKit-6889347264-09OctReplacementUnit

I receive the tracking details of the replacement unit on 9th Oct but since then tracking is still not active and i have asked update from support team over mail thrice but no reply., hence, posting it here as well for your information.

The said shipment destination is Sweden.

Please let me know if you have any update on the same.

thanks in advance.

Pravin Ingle
Can you guys provide update on this

Hi all,

I’ve received my PPM today!.

It is really small, i’ve just imagined bigger than it is. Great quality product.

Thank you very much @PhilipsIvo and the rest of the team for all the anxiety and questions all this lo g time. Hope to just speak with you about cool features of our PPM.

Patiente for the rest and really hope that you receive your projectors very soon.



Hi. I don’t know if I’m the only one from Peru, I think we are 2 sponsors. I consulted my situation through this thread for my case review in June, after which my question was moved to a personal thread, in order to “reply to me in that thread”. Gentlemen @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsSteve, to this day I have an answer. I know that constantly mentions in this thread that the saturation of cases is abrupt and I understand, I am patient. 4 months I think is enough patience. I ask you to please give me an update on my case, I think I have waited long enough so that at least I am told that I have to keep waiting, or if I am not going to receive anything, at least a short message. Most likely, in the answer to this question they tell me that they continue with cases similar to mine and that everything is a mess, I can understand it, save me that part and go to the fundamental part of my question. WHAT IS THE SITUATION OF MY ORDER, do not mention how saturated they are, and I read a lot of it and I understand it, I do not want to read more of it. Let it be clear that I want the product and if I have to keep waiting, then I’ll wait
I send my information and if something is missing, please let me know to provide it and to terminate this issue of the wait or have at least a probable date
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