HBO Nordic not working

Hi guys
Would you consider preloading a working version of HBO on the projector.
I’ve tried installing all of the versions from Aptoide and some of them allow me to login and browse, but none of them are able to stream video. I get a progress, but only black screen. If I try to skip forward, it throws an error.
It kinda sucks not being able to use HBO… Game of thrones, Westworld, …
Please help!

I did the same - could not get it to work either…
Same goes with the DR TV app :frowning:

They apparently need Googles services to work… :frowning:

@Philips_Support_N is HBO something you guys are considering supporting?
For now I use a ChromeCast via HDMI and a 5 meter wire to connect to the soundbar, but it’s not really an optimal solution…

Same here, tried several versions of HBO Go Android TV app in Poland, only one succeeded to activate but got an error 5.1 when trying to play video. This should be reproducible in Switzerland

The same with me. I install the HBO Portugal app from Aptoide and same error.

Same here with DK. Would be great to have a native app.
For now I use Kodi Addon Releases · arvvoid/ · GitHub

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Statement from Philips Projection on PPM app support:

Has anybody got HBO to work?

Yes - Via Kodi…

Someone on the facebook group taught me how to do it:
Install Kodi 18.6 Leia from Aptoide.
“DR”, “Viaplay” and "hGO EU” addon can be installed from official repo through Kodi by selecting install from repository then Video Addons.

“hGO EU” is HBO. You login with your credentials and everything works in full HD - although the navigation is crap compared to the genuine HBO app.


Hey thanks I got this working. Do you know if there’s a way to create a homescreen shortcut or do you have to go via the kodi app each time?

I think you have to go via Kodi - but I dont know… By the way you should “favorite” the shows you are watching, it makes the navigation a lot easier.

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