HDMI input and Bluetooth Output

Finally got my order in Australia! Hip Hip Horray!

Very excited about the product, and I have been fidgeting with it to find out that there’s something I wasn’t expecting.

2 Issues so far;

  1. I have tried Mirroring my Mac to the projector, but when it started to play videos it began to lag, while my Mac remains connected to the bluetooth audio
  2. I plugged in my PS4 with HDMI, very satisfy with the video quality, but the soundbar (bluetooth) is not connected for some reason and I was under the impression that it can?

Still trying to figure out what HULU is because it crashes whenever I open it.

Any help with the audio issue would be greatly appreciated!

With regards to issue 2 the PPM can’t do Bluetooth audio over HDMI or through USB-c. In order for Bluetooth to work when connected externally you need to have the external device connect directly to the Bluetooth speaker.

This is because the Bluetooth chip is connected to the processor. While HDMI and USB-c bypass the processor and goes directly to the light engine meaning they also bypass the Bluetooth chip. I believe this was done to ensure there is low lag between external sources and output from the projector.

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It’s a streaming service that operates in the U.S. and also in Japan. I don’t know how much use you will have for it in Australia. You might get it to work if you use a VPN.

  1. Search results for 'mirroring mac' - Philips Projection
  2. INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs

For those facing issues with HDMI audio connection … the sound comes only out of the projector speaker and won’t pair with the bluetooth speakers.

Try to use a device that connects to the projector 3.5 mm audio output to bluetooth ( e.g: Avantree Priva II BTTC-318-WHT ). Works fine and can blay my xbox one games with bluetooth headsets and earbuds.