¿How can I be a moderator?

I would like to help and be a moderator.

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Hi Eduardo, Philips and all,

Also offering to cooperate as a moderator. I’ve observed somewhat non-constructive discussions in other platforms, so I’m looking forward a distinct tune towards a constructive dialogue.


Hi Fred,

Hopefully we get to build a better constructive environment. I do trust Philips/Screeneo is working to ship a truly awesome projector.


Eduardo, from Mexico.

Hi guys, thanks so much for offering to be moderators! Since we just started today, there’s not much organisation yet. We want to wait maybe a week before assigning community moderators. Please feel free to let us know in this thread if you’d like to be a moderator (and any specific topics you can help with). Thanks for being active!


I could help with moderation, but only in moderation. I have received the PicoPix and my kids are loving it.

I would love to be a moderator and help out as much as possible!

Hello @PhilipsEngineering & all,

I’m interested in discussing how the maximize android capabilities. Meaning how to take full advantage of multi-user. Maybe explore any possible customization in the UI. As to respond to different user needs in f.eg.: family group (adults/children). In other words, maybe create some topics around the fun :tada: aspects of such device.

I would also like to be a moderator and help out :slight_smile:.

Hi @PhilipsEngineering
Similar to some of the others, its been interesting observing the activity in some other forums. I hope this can form the basis of a constructive and informative community.

To that end, coming from Australia, I’d be excited to be invited to assist in any moderation, to contribute to productive discussion.

Prashant aka tech guy! How are you doing?

I would like to help by tracking negativity and delete comments that are not contributing toward a better community.

Also, since I am from Mexico, I could help by providing Spanish support if necessary.

I would like to help answering repetitive questions and get other backers to trust you as much as I do.


Eduardo Gómez

Would like to be a moderator and help. Has already received the device and been using it almost daily. Based in Asia. For your consideration please. Thanks.

I am happy to help and moderate… from Australia

Count me in. Happy to assist fellow picopix owners

Hey Prashant, I’d be happy to help out and have administration experience from other forums. Haven’t received my PPM yet (so I’m not in it for the free extra copy, I’ll already be happy to get my paid one at some point :D), but I’ll be able to help users with questions regarding Android app installation, possible use cases and could also provide German support in a separate thread in case there are some users not so fluent in English here. :slight_smile:

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Also able to moderate if necessary.

Hi @Jano, great point about having possibly language specific discussion topics, in case there’s a need. I offer Portuguese, Spanish or French.

@FredPico, Vaya que podrías ser un gran moderador! Hablas muchos idiomas, felicidades!

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Would love to be a moderator too.

@Eduardo_Gomez pues, gracias. Would you say there’s a need for discussions for hispano-hablantles :es: :mexico: ?

@FredPico, I am currently in Guadalajara, Mexico. What about you? I am not quite sure if there is a need for discussions for “hispano-hablantes” yet. I guess that is something we will find out eventually, as this forum progresses.