How many Watts does a PicoPix Max use?

So with the rise in electricity I’m patting myself on the back thinking an LED projector is way more efficient than say a normal 60" LCD telly? Is this the case with the PicoPix Max as my Mrs is questioning me! lol. Does anyone know exactly how much wattage it uses? I’m also setting up an off-grid solar/wind hybrid kit to off-set some appliances so be good to know!? Thanks

Less than 30W in normal mode (excluding losses in the AC/DC adapter), I measured this way back in 2020:

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I think it consumes more. The picopix max one consumes abput 60 w. That os without android software or bluetooth. So i think theax consume a little bit more

Thank you for all the info. I’m guessing it uses more power if running apps installed on the OS like Netflix and Amazon Prime as it sounds louder - the fan seems to work harder. Then when using a boxset plugged in via HDMI it seems to be quiet and cruise along just fine so assume it’s using less power with an HDMI source? Ok, well 60W is acceptable if in full use. Thanks again for the info!