How to start up the PicoPix via remote?

Hello everyone! I was wondering if it’s possible to somehow start up the Pico by simply pushing the Power dial on the remote? I found it super frustrating to always push the Power button on the beamer itself because it usually shifts its standing position, meaning I have to re-adjust everything all the time.

Would be super helpful to receive some feedback. Maybe I’m just too dumb to use it or somehow activate that feature?

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance!

With best wishes, Jim

It should be possible to press and hold the power button on the remote for about 2-3 seconds and then the projector will start. But you must point the remote to the back of the projector, because it will be an ir-signal sent to the projector and the receiver is on the back-side (if I remember correctly). Some people have also earlier said that the ir signal could “bounce” on a wall if the projector is somewhat close to the wall, but I have not tried myself.


Hi Mattias,

thank you for your swift reply! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work. I’m using a PPX620, current version 1.3.0.
Any other thoughts? One thing I notice is that whenever I use the remote, it looks as if it has to de re-connect to the Pico. The red light on the remote blinks… Is this normal? Shutting the system down works, but not powering it up.

Hope we’re able to solve this issue soonish.

Again, thank you!

Best, T


Sorry to hear that, it works for me and I have the same projector (PPX620, version 1.3.0). Maybe you can find any more things to try when searching the forum. Check here for instance:


Hi Mattias,

thank you for giving me some direction. I browsed through the other thread and I think my remote is somehow not connected via infrared. I cannot spot the light when pointing it at a smartphone camera. Also, I’m able to fully use it (except for turning the PPM on) in Airmote, but whenever I shut the PPM down, the remote starts to blink, meaning it loses the bluetooth-signal I guess. And when I start the PPM up again manually (via pushing the button on it) the remote re-connects via bluetooth.

So I think my question here is now for the @Philips_Support_T : How can I pair the remote via IR?

Good night, T!