How to cast apps that not seem to be supported by Picopix max?

I’ve just received my PicoPix Max, but noticed problems with casting. I live in Sweden and one of the most common apps are “Viaplay” to watch sport, movies and tv channels but it doesn’t work to cast to the projector. It doesn’t work to open it once it’s downloaded through android store either. And it doesn’t work to use Miracast, only plays sound. What can be done?

Another app that’s not in android store is “Steezy” for practicing dancing, and doesn’t work to cast to the projector either. And if using Miracast, let’s be honest, the colors and quality just sucks then.

Would be great if someone could bring some insights :slight_smile:

Viaplay does work. Here’s the instructions: Working Apps List discussion, feeds the Working Apps List