Join the beta testers list

I filled the form too. Hope you’ll get me in the beta testers group too.

So I filled in the form to apply for becoming a beta-tester, and I think I got admitted. Now what? How can I help? And where is the “Beta Lounge”?

As I do not yet have access to the form yet, I can’t access the data on it.
So if you could do me a favor of filling in your projector’s serial number into your forum profile preferences and let me know here that you’ve done it, I’ll add you to the beta group myself.

The serial number is needed for administrative purposes and is only visible to yourself and the staff on the forum.

OK, done!

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@PhilipsIvo I will provide you access right away.

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@PhilipsIvo Could you kindly add me to the beta list as well? I sent a request months ago but I am not sure if i ever got added. ( I also have my PPM serial number added to my profile info)

I found out today, that a new firmware is available for betatester and my regular OTA update check did not have that available. Then again, could it be that there is a different way of accessing the beta software and I simply have not found out yet how?

Either way I am looking forward to your feedback and thank you very much in advance!

How do you get access?

They didn’t add you, otherwise you had the text “beta-tester” behind your name.
I also sent a request 5 months ago, but I also didn’t get added to the Beta tester list.

Join the beta testers list

I tried to but also didnt get added

Sorry for the delay, you’ve all been added to beta-testers list now.



Hello @PhilipsEngineering, I have filled the form some times ago but I did not receive any email afterwards. Could you please check?

I don’t think you receive any e-mails whatsoever after that. it’s just about a setting on this forum that will allow you to see the Beta section of the forum. That’s it and that’s all.

Thanks @dragos, anyway I do not have (yet) the ‘beta-tester’ flag next to my name on the forum

I’m waiting for my beta flag aswell. Mainly waiting to be able at least somehow adjust the colors.


@Spetke and @TheTisch you’ve been added to beta-testers group.

Dear Prashant,
I also registered as Beta. Can you please check?
Thanks in advance


Thank you !

Please could you add me too, registered a while ago for access.