Just ordered an PPX One - Review out (there?)

Are there already a few Reviews out there or will I be the first in the community here, with an PPX One?

My only concern is that I will get this new device and then out of nowhere Philips will come up a with a Press Release with an PPX incl. Android/Google TV :nerd_face:


I saw a section for a PicoPix Max TV so it’s most likely real but it seems to be gone now.

Max One is interesting but the deal breaker for me is the DC charging port.

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Holly that would be awesome… I voluntering for an Betatest :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d would be glad if they replace my broken PPM with PPM TV :smiley:
Though, I’d be happy regardless, as long as they replace it soon :sweat_smile:

You are not alone, mate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After reading through lots of horror stories involving swollen batteries, RMA hell, wonky autofocus, faulty software too dependent on workarounds, etc… I decided to play safe and requested a refund.

I got it 1 week ago (currently in testing phase) and I love its blazing-fast boot up and dead simple setup (it´s a spartan UI after all). So far everything works as intended (HDMI CEC, ARC, manual focus, expected runtime, etc…). Being able to just turn it on along with my AVR receiver is a treat (my Mogo Pro turns my AVR on a bit late so it isn´t recognized until I reboot or switch my AVR on first)

Only three image presets (cinema, standard and vivid) but you can create a customized one (hopefully, more people joins in and share recommended settings). Same brightness modes (Eco, Normal and Presentation) so expect the same values as PPM.
If I have to nitpick, I´d say you can´t control AVR volume with PPX remote (missing CEC commands?) but we can expect firmware updates to address that and further image tweaking (please, add more presets! :grimacing: )

Maybe I´m not the one to talk as I don´t have the PPM to make a fair comparison but PPX One looks more like a revision than a “little brother” (lack of HDMI CEC and ARC is unforgivable in these times).

@kugiigi I ordered this

Stay tuned for powerbank benchmarks / explosions :laughing:

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The following is also listed:

“PicoPix Micro 2 TV (PPX360)”

I think I will cancel my PPM to PPM-One “Upgrade order” on Amazon and will wait a few more weeks :wink:

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Hey, im going to post a review of the PPMOne on my ytb channel in the next 2 days. Spoiler alert, im disapointed.

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As @kugiigi said, the perfect mini projector doesn´t exist yet, all of them have their caveats, but I think this one fits the bill regarding size, brightness and battery life.

Colors and contrast need some tweaking (same as PPM, I guess)
Hopefully, there aren´t hardware constraints and they can be further enhanced with future updates.

Why are you disappointed? Could be great to know!

Actually the only reason I was disapointed was because the input lag was higher than the PPM, and because the colors needs to be changed to be more accurate. Otherwise, it works great !

Great! we are working on it!

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Can you post the link?

Actually it is not. I did find out, if you have a 15v capable powerbank with usb-c you can actually charge the ppix max one through usb-c, or a powerfull enough usb-c adaptor…

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Things are moving for the PPX720 :grinning:

“PPX720 Digital Projector RF Exposure Info Screeneo Innovation SA”


Thats a big boy :grimacing:

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Source, official documents via: