Lag (Spacedesk) & general issues

My main issue with the PPM currently (and something I’ve spent dozens of hours trying to fix) is lag, particularly with screen mirroring.

I’ve tried several different applications and want to use Spacedesk on the PPM (as it works perfect on all my other Android devices, including older projectors and my other preferred solution isn’t an option here due to lack of Google services). But even lowering all settings, the FPS and input lag are just too bad for playing games.

Plugging in HDMI devices isn’t a suitable workaround, I want to use apps.

After having the projector a year now, my general thoughts:

  • Slow in general. Even just navigating the home screen lags once you have a few apps installed.
  • The IR sensor issue for the remote is pathetic. Embarrassing that such an expensive product has a remote that works worse than budget projectors.
  • The lack of Google services is also a huge oversight. Much cheaper projectors I’ve purchased have the play store on
  • Using third party keyboards etc. is annoying on this interface - extra key presses are required to type into input boxes
  • The tripod mount on the bottom isn’t properly manufactured (as detailed in this thread):
    Design issues with tripod mount, and other minor issues

I gave the benefit of the doubt and have waited for software improvements, but the performance and missing features are truly shocking considering the price. I feel conned, but considering how sketchy the original process was I don’t hold out much hope of these issues being fixed or the company offering a proper response.