Launcher v1.6.0 beta

Hello dear beta testers,

We have a Home Screen Launcher update which adds two features:

  1. You can now “favourite” apps by pressing the MENU key on the remote. These apps will be shown before all other apps.
  2. Your apps are now sorted by usage frequency. Apps that you’ve used most often will show up earlier. you can turn this off if you wish.

The overall app sorting follows this: Favourite apps > Most used apps > TV optimised apps > all other apps > alphabetically based on name.

Note, your projector already has app usage data from the past few months, so don’t be surprised if the order of the apps changes as soon as you install this update. Privacy note: all this data is device-local only, it is never sent anywhere else.

This feature is an offshoot from our recent work to bring “cloud apps” i.e. Philips-provided apps that you can install right from the Home Screen. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks!

Download Launcher V1.6.0 beta


How are favorites apps sorted? I assume same as the other apps - Usage > TV optimized > …?

Too bad I can’t test this anymore :sob:

It’s multi-level sorting, in the following order:

  1. Favourite apps
  2. Most used apps
  3. TV optimised apps
  4. Alphabetically by name

So between all the favourites, sorting order is 2 > 3 > 4 and so on.

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Installed this morning, looks nice!:slight_smile:

I would like to see WLAN indicator (signal marks) on right upper corner in launcher home screen.

Could you please add it?

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Tested with:

The Favorite apps function doesn’t work, it doesn’t remember to put the favorite apps before the other apps after a restart

The following settings:
Show frequently-used apps first (off)

I selected 5 favorite apps and they will show before all other apps.

After turning off the projector and turning it on again
the apps are back at their original position.

I can remove the hearts by pressing [menu] and selecting [favorite]
But after turning the projector off and turning it on again the hearts are back and still in the wrong position (not before the other apps)

I can only clear the favorites (hearts) in the hidden android menu by [clear data] in the screeneo launcher app

Hi @Davy thanks for the test. I can confirm the issue. We’re working on it now.