Launcher v1.7.4 beta

Dear beta testers,

A new version of the launcher is available for testing.

In addition to the favourites and sorting-by-usage-frequency features (+bug fixes) from the Launcher v1.6.0 beta, this update adds two new features:

Cloud Apps.

Cloud apps appear alongside your regular installed apps. You can simply choose any of them to download and install them right away. These are third-party apps provided by us, a bit like a mini App Store, but simpler.

You can turn off this feature by going to the grid view options and selecting “Hide cloud apps.”

Home Screen self-update

The home-screen can now update itself separately from the rest of the system. If an update is available, you will get a popup like the one below:

Just select Update to install the update.

Known issues

Your preferences and app usage counts will be reset with this version. Please set your wallpaper again.


Please download the beta from here: – copy it to a USB stick and transfer it to the projector to install.

Tested with:

  • PPX620_v1.2.3
  • screeneo-launcher-v1.7.4.apk

Cannot remove a favorite app after it is set.

After you set an app as favorite (heart), it goes before all the other apps.
If you remove the heart (pressing [menu] and selecting [favorite]), the app goes back to it’s original position and isn’t a favorite app anymore.

The problem is:
After turning the projector off and turning it on again.
The app that I removed as favorite is back as a favorite app before the other apps.

I also can’t remove the favorite apps by [clear data] in the screeneo launcher app in the hidden menu.

Hi @Davy how long did you wait before rebooting the projector? The preferences are saved periodically. If you power it off before it’s saved, it will come back as a favourite.

If you have ADB enabled, you can access the preferences file from /sdcard/ for further debugging.

Shouldn’t it be saved immediately? Otherwise, I feel like it’s not good and prone to issues like what he encountered.

I did a reboot after a few minutes and tested it after 45min after I changed the favourite status.

For example:
In the preferences file the app is set as


after I remove it as favourite it becomes:

It changed instantly

I can only remove it from the favourites as I remove the total line

and save the preference file:

the projector does nothing with =false

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Thanks for the testing.

A new version V1.7.5 has been released which fixes this issue. If you already have Launcher V1.7.4 or System V1.2.4, you should get the update notification shortly. If you don’t, please update to system V1.2.4 or Launcher V1.7.4 first.

Note: your existing favourites will be reset with this update.

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