Lens cover option

Dear PPM owners, and owners to be, do you have a decent option for a lens cover? In the past 2 days I’m trying to find something suitable. It’s a pity they haven’t included something right from the start, but I don’t even remember what was the reason back in October when this was discussed in the Telegram group…maybe because of the form factor…but anyhow.

For a portable projector, which will be moved a lot, it’s essential to add a lens cover.

Anyone has some good suggestions?



To be honest I personally don’t have a need for one, yes it is a portable projector but it is still a fragile piece of kit and that means not just the lens, so I would recommend Any case / bag is recommended for the PPM?
I my self got a safe case


Hi Vin,

Yes, suprising oversight how exposed the lens is, not even a slide cover.

In my feedback to Philips/Screeneo I’ve already suggested a possible design change.

The remote is the width of the face of the projector, and almost same height. If the front of the projector was changed to offer a recess, with a lip. Then the remote could be clipped buttons facing in, acting as both a cover and somewhere to locate the remote for a more compact package.

Appreciate that doesn’t solve all our problem with a lack of lens cover protection!

best wishes


It would be actually be possible to 3D-Print one.
Reliably covering only the lens would be probably difficult, but covering the entire front part of the device is doable.

If I’d have a 3D Printer I’d start playing around/test, refine the design and then start an indiegogo project for it :rofl:

I can design it, and 3d print from flexible plastic. I guess you are from RU? Btw only lens cover seems not possible, it will involve front panel cover.

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I’m from BG. It can be 3.8x3.8mm with something adhesive so it can stick to the surface and best to have a slider maybe…

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I think it’s a shame the remote isn’t used as a lens cover. The dimensions are near perfect fit.

3 birds 1 stone: given that a silicone case is being designed/proposed to protect the Max. Why not double as remote control storage on front (ledge/lip on 3 sides locates the RC, just slide button facing inwards from open side). And which would then also triple as lens cover. Hey presto.

Given that its impractical/expensive to retool the projector/main body or RC housings to have such a discrete lip/ledge, I would humbly suggest tweaking the 3rd party silicone case instead prior to commissioning a batch of them!


Could you do a drawing of how this would look / work?
In pencil if you have to.

1st - the remote (RC) is very fortunately slightly smaller than the face/front/lens side of the projector. In fact it fits into the entire front profile of the Max by just 1-1.5mm.
2nd - the bottom of the RC is gently curved, while the top is flat except for slight raise because of the button controls
3rd - there is about 1-1.5mm of a flat continuous ledge along the whole top/flat side of the RC
4th - the RC top/flat side at the bottom half is without any buttons/protrusions. Perfectly smooth, flat and if you look in the first photo the area is about what one needs to protect and cover the lens without risk of debris/dust on rubber buttons
So excuse the very poor sketch drawing, but the suggestion is for the new Silicon/TPU case to have an area for the RC to slide in from the right side front (furthest away from the lens). The RC locator would be closed from 3 sides. You would slide the flat/button face along the guides until it reaches the end.
I mention the 1-1.5mm flat ledge along the whole length of the RC because it means one can create a ledge that then helps slide the RC along, but also raises the RC slightly from the face of the projector.
Its a very simple dea, and I would expect case mould solution that I’ve wasted too many words describing, but hopefully btwn the sketch, photos and text make sense.


Otherwise some suggested Software fixes include:
Keystone Memory correction, for when you have more than 1 location to use your max and want to avoid dealing with keystone each time (which lets face it isn’t much fun).
Bluetooth - OMG need to be able to pair two devices OR use headphone socket AND BT output at same time
Sound controls - at least treble+bass, but also environments (hall, room, open space)
Netflix - OMG that needs to be updateable!
Android certification - PLEASE get official Play store clearance

If there will be a lens protector then it needs som protection for accidently turn on
Easy fix that whit a small promixity sensor

@Innov a solid effort that mate, top marks!

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