Lost the charger in move: how to order replacement?

Hi, I recently moved appartments and somewhere in the move I have lost the PPM Charger. I looked through the forum and found at that the PPM has very specific power needs (15v x 4A) that most 3rd party charger cannot provide (most 15v output is capped at 3A). Philips: where can I buy a replacement charger for the PPM, or can you recommend a 3rd party charger that actually is compatible with the PPM?


For a previous PicoPix (low res etc. I work at uni making interactive-projection stuff mostly with students, and was planning to do use this for personally holidays and perhaps some new directions etc but I am one of the unlucky lost in transit ones)

Together with purchase staff ended up with the following company which provided me with an ok charger at least charged it once (seemed like resoldered some stuff together but did the job), rather soon even during the pandemic.
Shazal Traders UK service@miiduu.com
After trying channels to order such a thing via Philips did not work there either.

Be sure to look up/ask the new specs when buying it, not much to lose, previous specs so not PicoPixMax!!! where:
Power Adapter for PHILIPS PPX4835 POCKET PROJECTOR, 19V, 2.37A, 3.5MM X 1.35MM TIP, 19V DC Power Supply for Philips PicoPix PPX 4835 Pocket Projector.

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Thanks for the input Robby, but there are whole threads on this forum that speak about the unique power requirements of the PP (Max). It is 15V at 4Amps and most commercial chargers are capped at 3amps when delivering 15V. It’s really quite a hassle and the forums have many examples of third party chargers that simply do not work and whatever the reason for going 15vx4a instead of 12vx3a (which is much more common), Philips should understand that Chargers do get lost or perhaps break, so I really hope they can provide a replacement.

If you found this thread (PPM Power requirement) then you know which ones are recommended by others to work.

Unfortunately we don’t offer spare chargers yet, spare remotes will be available soon.

@Philips_Support_P has explained why 15V was used:


Hi Ivo, thanks for your response. I see in that thread you indicated the Helpers Lab charger seems to work. I ordered it from Amazon. Thanks! I will post here if I receive it and it also works as an extra confirmation and for anyone else looking for a replacement charger.

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I can confirm the helpers lab charger works with PPM. Fugly charger in white, but since there are no replacement chargers, it’s better than nothing.