More clear about refund

Hi Philips,
could you please answer me to several questions about refund?

  1. May I have full refund, when item ordered, but not yet send?
  2. May I have full refund, when item already have been sent?
  3. May I have full refund, when item was received, opened and tried while two weeks?
  4. Does full refund includes VAT?
  5. Does full refund includes VAT for Thailand (will be paid to DHL around 150€)?


Yes but you will have to pay the return shipping cost.

Yes up to 30 days, same as above. Make sure nothing gets damaged and preserve the boxes, both inside color box and outside carton to pack it for return.


Only amount you paid directly to us can be refunded (full indiegogo contribution + any VAT charged via BackerKit). If your local shipping company charged you something on top, we don’t have control over refunding it. @Philips_Support_N please clarify a bit more, thanks.


Where do we have to send back de projector from France ? Mine came from Germany, so do I have to send it back there ?

We will organize the pickup so you don’t need to worry. We will send you all the documents / shipping label etc. and help you schedule a good time. The shipments go back to HK.

So this is a complete refund : product + taxes + shipping ? Send it back to HK should be expensive from here.
Also, can you please confirm the email address where we have to request the refund ?

Merci :slight_smile:

Yes it’s a complete refund, except that the cost for sending back to us will be charged. This cost depends on your location, most of US/EU around 60-85 USD, Nordic countries 120 USD, China/HK 15 USD and so on. We only accept return shipping using our own forwarder.

You can contact global helpdesk at (make sure to tell them it’s for PicoPix Max).

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It might be a better option to try to sell yours locally then @SauroneMX338
You could break even or perhaps even make some profit rather than have to shell out this amount of money.


Thank you for your answer.

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Hmmm… If the received piece is faulty and instead of replacement we request for refund, why the return cost should be charged to customer? It should paid by Philips rite? Please clarify. Thanks

To be clear, defective units are replaced/repaired/refunded free of cost.

It is chargeable only if you return a unit that doesn’t have any manufacturing defect.


I’m one of the people who requested a refund after receiving the projector. This was before the 4-corner adjustment issues (HDMI and USB-C) were made public; after finding out about those issues, I requested a refund. In this scenario, why should I be responsible for return shipping and taxes that I paid directly to DHL? If Philips informed me of these changes prior to shipping, I would have cancelled my backing and received a full refund like many other have successfully done. I also don’t have the outer carton brown box since I wasn’t planning on returning the projector. However, I do have all the original Philips branded packaging.

I want to be clear that I’m in no way trying to be negative about the projector, picture is bright and clear, but without those features that were advertised and that I expected, it doesn’t suit my needs.

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Hi, in your case, I think it would be easier to resale it to the market in your country. Especially if you are an early backer and resale at purchase price + cost incurred you should not have any problem. PS: there was one guy in this forum who was looking to get one for max eur/usd 500.

@Philips_Support_P I would appreciate hearing from you directly regarding my questions/comments 2 messages above. I have not received a reply via email and it has been almost 2 months since I’ve asked those same questions via email. I was only provided with the Google form to submit a return request, but don’t have any answers. I don’t feel that I should be penalized for an oversight on Philips’ side regarding managing specifications delivered by a 3rd party.

@bushido I am the technical guy and can’t speak for business policies. My personal opinion is that all backers are “investors”, with the ability to influence and steer the product, in return getting an early production at a discounted price, with some element of risk. In most other crowdfunding projects, there is not even a possibility to cancel the pledge or return the product.

Now, in order to stand up to the customer support expectation, Philips has decided to offer FULL refund to anyone who doesn’t want it. If the product is not shipped yet, it’s refunded within minutes. If it’s shipped, we must receive the product back, but we still refund the entire amount (product cost + VAT paid to us + shipping cost we paid to send it to you). The only responsibility being placed on you as a backer/investor is the sole cost of shipping it back to us.

Again, my personal opinion is that it’s unfair for backers to expect that Philips will send a projector on a trial basis and pay for everything up to the return, for a crowdfunded product that’s not commercially available yet.

For commercial products there is always this level of support since it goes back up the chain via your local shop. But in Indiegogo case it costs a lot, sometimes 3-digit figure, to send the product to you since we ship individually to thousands of customers all over the world. So I think it’s fair that you share at least the one-way cost of sending it back in exchange for your entire money back and absolutely no other risk.


@Philips_Support_P Thanks for the response. I get where you’re coming from. Shipping aside, what about taxes in my case that were paid directly to DHL? Not trying to push for anything here, just looking for a firm response since as I mentioned before that my question wasn’t answered. Assuming that for my case, this falls into the same category as shipping costs and is a risk I’m responsible for?

@bushido: I’m wondering, can you claim the taxes back from the Customs office directly upon proof of return shipment? Because technically the import action was annulled when you returned it, so you should not have to pay the taxes anymore? What does the tax law in your country say about these situations?

@IvoGrijt Thanks for the suggestion, I’m not familiar with what happens in such a scenario but I’ll have to look into it. At the end of the day, if it’s too much of a hassle, I may just end up either selling the projector or keep it around until I find something to use it for.

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There are so many internal content sources that allow the 4CC to work, that there are bound to be use cases for the PPM. I hope you do find them and can put it to good use! :+1:t5:

Try to not look at and judge it on missing features, but instead enjoy the features it does have or will still get.


@Philips_Support_N do you know how this will be handled?

@Philips_Support_P Thanks for your help and I really do believe you are doing your best to make things right.

I’m one of those people who have their PPM returning endlessly to the home screen. I know you’ve been working on this (and the current worldwide situation does not help) but since I received, end of January, it has been totally unused (except for trying updates or potential fixes).

I’m still waiting for the next update to see if it fixes this issue but if it doesn’t, I’m giving up and would like to have my PPM returned and refunded. Can you confirm (or have it confirmed by someone of the sale team) that if the issue is not resolved with the next update my unit can be considered as faulty (I mean, it’s totally unusable in its state) and the return costs will be on you?