Netflix is flipped after update // why are there 2 apps of each ?

after struggling with the Netflix app, because scrolling to right was not working, I deinstalled and installed the app.
Now the screen is 90 degrees flipped.

another thing: why are there two version of each app in AptoideTV to download? which version is the right one?
many thanks

same here. I also experiencing pixel problems watching at Netflix. no problem with Amazon Prime

I could fix it:

  1. deinstall the Netflix app
    2…go to: GitHub - jonas-coded/netflix_hd_patch: Patched Netflix App for Android enabling Widevine L1 allowing not certified devices to play HD
    Download the 2 year old version on a USB Stick
  2. connect the USB Stick with the PicoPix and open the “Media Center” App in the PicoPix.
  3. install the downloaded App (you’ll find it in “FILES” on your USB Device

Then it should work. DO NEVER EVER UPDATE THE NETFLIX UPDATE AGIN. Probably no other app either.

For the Scrolling issue in the Netflix surface:

try to pair the air remote, It is not a good handling and solution, but least it helps sometimes.

Hard to understand why there there is still no better Netflix app or working update available :man_shrugging:t2:

I really like the resolution quality of the Pico, but the handling and scrolling, login for apps (password and username entering) is a really annoying. That is the biggest issue for me. Problaby I’m too spoiled with Apple devices like apple TV.

Same here - feels like and less things are working with each update, I thought it was supposed to get better over time?

More seriously, I have now 2 netflixes, neither are working anymore (1 flipped the other cannot connect). Youtube works fine (errh, 1 of the 2 youtubes). Tried streaming netflix from both my iphone (11) & ipad, both cases I have an error.

The biggest problem is really that my popcorn is now cold and all softened and I couldn’t watch my netflix movie…

Any simple fix us common mortals can use without getting a phd in computer engineering (or installing a random piece of code from a random person on the internet)?

I feel you.
But I guess there is no other way than to delete both Netflix app and do the steps I described above. That worked for me.

I have the same issue with other apps and double installations, too.

I hope they are working on the software and the whole interface and surface. It’s too vintage.

Worked for me, Solved the ‘flipped after update’ problem, thx! This PPM really sucks… Quality of image is great, but all of the rest… argh