New Beta Software?

Anything for us to test?? Eager and ready to provide feedback!

Still nothing?
How about the APK for color fine tuning?

With the China team not in office, our SW dev speed has really gone slow at the moment. We were planning to release 2 SW updates already by now.

Anyway, there should be a new Launcher and the color tuning app in the next couple of days.


Awesome .,… can’t wait to try 'em out !!

Anything new to test?

A launcher with the fix for the “invisible” apps would be very welcome. The two apps I use 90% of the time are well hidden. :slight_smile:

Coming later tonight!

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You can use other launcher or HAL launcher temporarily, you can use it like an app instead of replacing the launcher :wink:

The bug isn’t really fixed since the apps can’t be started correctly even though the icon shows up. Will be fixed soon.

According to the banner the beta testers are using v1.0.27 already, but I haven’t seen a download link for that version yet.

Can we haz the 1.0.27 to test during the weekend so it can perhaps be released come next week?

Internal team was testing it. Now I uploaded it for you, our external beta testers :slight_smile:

Here you go: V1.0.27 beta available for download

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Any news about new firmware ?

1.0.28 was skipped and 1.0.29 will be available in a day or two. They are integrating updated APKs and the netflix crash fix now.

We decided to hold off on a public release till the most important issues are solved (netflix + kodi + touchpad + 2x scaling). But beta versions will keep coming for beta testers on almost weekly basis.


Ok noted.
Is there a post with all features / issues to be solved noted in your priority order ? To have a view of all the upcoming fix and new features and mostly to see where they stand on the waiting list.

That would be this list then: