No working when on power

Somehow my picopix max shutdowns after a few seconds when on power. Basically I can only use it when on battery mode.
What should it do?
Thank you

Hi @FC8BK this is strange.

Are you using it in Presentation mode? Can you try Energy Saver or Normal?

Does the LED light up red when you plug in the charger, or does it stay blue?

Hi Prashant,
Thank you for your quick reply.
I use it in normal mode. To be more accurate, it is not seconds but about 3 minutes running when plugged to power before it switches off. I then unplugged it and play for a few minutes on batteries to drain it for a bit. When I charged my picopix max back, the red LED lights up,

Could there be a maximal operating temperature that could forcing the picomix max to switch off? Temperature limit which would be different whether it is plugged in or not?

Thanks again!

Please look at and fill in the checklist in Troubleshooting: Projector won't power on / no picture display / shuts down soon after starting for yourself and post the results here.

Yes it is a possibility, but it would be great to follow the troubleshooting checklist as suggested above. Then we’ll have more info to try to find the issue. It could also be faulty power circuitry.

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Hi @PhilipsEngineering
Following up on my case. I did the check list you sent me last time. What is the situation now? Any help on my issue? Can it be fixed by software, or it requires a hardware change? Actually have other people faced similar issue?
Thank you very much.

You should post the results for him to see, so answer each question inline in bold.
The thread I linked to before has the questions and also a few examples of how other users filled in the questionnaire.

Edit: I found your post, I put it here for you.

Re-posted here

Thank you for putting it here.
I suppose I am not very familiar with this “chat” system and I understand I sent it to the wrong place initially.
So now it should be okay right? Prashant should see my answers in bold to the checklist questions right?
Thanks a lot

You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that you reported your issue here, then filled in the checklist there, and now are asking for a follow-up here. It seemed that you hadn’t done the checklist, as it was somewhere else. That’s all.

I hope @PhilipsEngineering or @PhilipsSupport can tell you what to do next.

Hi @FC8BK sorry for missing your post.

From your test results it definitely sounds like something wrong with the internal power circuitry. I don’t think it’s a thermal issue because I’m using my PicoPix Max in Bangkok-like or hotter environments without problem.

So in this case I would advise you to get a warranty replacement. Please contact or create a new ticket at and don’t forget to mention this forum post’s URL or your username so we can identify you. Just fyi currently replacements are being sent not individually, but with every next shipping batch.

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Hi @PhilipsEngineering
Thank you for your reply. That what I thought too, even in Europe, during summer months, the picomix max would not work, that would not make any sense. Then, thank you for confirming that it should be some power circuitry issue. I will be in touch with screeneo support.
Thanks again for your assistance

Regarding my issue, I have asked for an exchange in order to receive a new model of my ppm but I have not received any follow up replies yet.
Thank you for your prompt assistance.
Thanks and regards,

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