One of the 159 faulty units that hasnt been picked-up


I was one of the unlucky 159 that received a faulty unit (focus broken). It’s been months since that.

I have given you (screeneo) all the info to return the unit, including my consent to give my data to DHL and also given you a specific date to come and pick the unit up.

But that was last week.

This week I sent another email with a new pick up date, but you guys haven’t answered in any form.

It would be nice if I get some direction of some sort. I already sent all these details you mentioned at the top of this forum as well as the ones you mentioned in the newsletter you sent yesterday.

My email is, and my current request number is 17836. I live in Sweden.

Hi Libny and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you were one of the unfortunate ones. I think there is an issue with the replacement units and pickups, not just with you, so it’s not personal. At least this is what I understand from their official statements in this topic General info about shipment and manufacturing. They are working to resolve this but the situation is pretty hectic at the moment.

Please check the topic I referred to.

Hope you get a replacement soon.


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