Pb et bug application

Bonjour j’ai reçu mon picopix max et je rencontre plusieurs bugs. Les applications twitch et steam ne fonctionnent pas. L’application officielle YouTube bug au moment où l’on veut connecter son compte.
Pourquoi n’avons-nous pas accès au play store officiel ?
Merci pour vos réponses

You can download the phone version of Twitch from APKMirror or APKPure and install that. I haven’t tried it myself, but other users have reported that it works. Just make sure that you download the phone version, not the version for Android TV. You might need to use APKMirror’s or APKPure’s own installer programs.

You didn’t specify what steam app you want, but you can find different ones on APKMirror and APKPure. Please try those, and let us know in the Working Apps thread if you find one that works.

Google Play Store
To install the official Google Play Store, you need to have GMS certification for the device. Google has not agreed to certify the PicoPix Max, which means that it is not possible to do. Please see this post: Smart YouTube purchased items not working

Official Youtube
The official Youtube app by Google needs GMS, exactly like the Play Store. However, S-Youtube which comes preinstalled on the PPM is capable of almost everything that the official Youtube app can do. Have you tried using it?

Mais comment fonctionne apkmirror ?
Je dois lancer twitch sur mon téléphone et dupliquer l’image sur le ppm ?

No, you don’t need to use your phone at all for this. You need a computer, a USB stick and your PPX620.

  1. Use a computer to download the latest version of the phone/tablet version of the app on APKMirror (at the time of writing Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports 9.0.2 APK Download by Twitch Interactive, Inc. - APKMirror). Make sure you get the phone/tablet version, the version for Android TV doesn’t work. Copy the downloaded file to a USB stick.
  2. Download the APKMirror installer and copy it to the USB stick.
  3. Connect your USB stick to your PPM, turn it on and open the file manager. Choose “USB” and install the APKMirror installer.
  4. Install the Twitch apkm file with the APKMirror installer. You have to use the APKMirror installer for this, as the apkm file is a so called bundle which contains all the different apk files that Twitch needs.
  5. You might also need to do the following, if you need to force the app into landscape mode. In Aptoide TV, install the “Set Orientation” app. Make sure you get the right one, there is a more recent app with the same name, but I couldn’t get that one to work. Open the app and choose “Landscape”.
  6. Open Twitch and log in.
  7. Don’t update Twitch in Aptoide TV! It will only replace the working version with the Android TV version that doesn’t work. If you want to update the app, please go through steps 1 and 4 again, just with the newer version of the app downloaded from APKMirror.

For other apps, do steps 1 and 4 in the exact same way, just with the other app.

Hope this helps!

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Cela ne fonctionne pas… j’installe APKMIRROR mais quand je veux installer la dernière version de TWITCH (14/05) il m’indique installation failed old version…

Suis je le seul à rencontrer ce problème ?