Philips PicoPix Max Finland!

Hey all Finnish backers! I can’t wait to receive my PicoPix Max projector; if there are any progressions or some who have already received theirs, I would love to hear about the delivery details, etc.

Do you guys think we will get a notification to OmaPosti?

My current status on the order: Your address has been locked | 8,419th :unicorn: on @BackerKit for Philips PicoPix Max

No projectors have been shipped to European backers yet. Just keep calm, it will come.

I have pledge ID in the upcoming Europe shipment (if lucky). Will post photos and review when it arrives.

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First batch to EU will be send to the EU warehouse tonight. This is a batch of 1500 units.

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Hopefully shipping goes by contribution number order.

Backer 4*** from Finland.

DHL-tracking code got!! It’s Coming!!!

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Good for you! All updates are welcome on the subject! :slight_smile: I’ll probably have to wait for a while

Backer nr 10xxx still waiting… how many of us is there from Finland?

Got my tracking code yesterday, backer 9xxx… OmaPosti found the code also, so waiting should be over soon!


Backed 30.9.2019, haven’t heard anything yet…

Yuup, still waiting as well

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Finally received mine! I managed to move to another apartment during that time but luckily I was able to switch the delivery in OmaPosti. Gonna set it up right away

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Awesome! Looking to hear from you here:
It’s here! - First Impressions and Thoughts

I received mine today as well! Did not get any tracking info beforehand but I did notice a mystery shipment in the OmaPosti app last week. Sender was shown as NOT AVAILABLE and I could not see the country of origin. But this morning the postman showed up with my PicoPix Max!

So far everything works like a charm, have only tested it quickly with some 4K YouTube content though.