PicoPix Max - Charging?

For some weird reason, I haven’t been able to charge the PicoPix Max with any other PD compliant charger I’ve tried which support exactly the same voltages as the original. This includes both battery packs and AC charges from various brands.
Has anyone in this community found chargers and/or battery packs which can charge the PicoPix Max, and if so, which ones?

I have been charging mine with the Mac Book charger and that works just fine. In Europe though…

Hi, anybody encounter picopix max always stuck at 83%?

No matter how much I charged, it always display 83% battery life.

I have the same problem. Can’t charge it with any other charger than the original one. Also my MacBook Pro’s charger isn’t charging the PPM.

The tech spech sheet says the thing needs 15v 4Ah. Most PD chargers and power banks deliver only 3Ah, So my guess is that the PPM talks “PD” to the charger and says “Please give me 15v and I WANT 4Ah”. The charger then says “Sorry, all I can give you is 3Ah”, and the PPM says “Ok, just forget I asked. Good bye” (rather than saying “Ok, I’m happy at 15v, just give me whatever you have”).

Now, the problem I have been encountering, is that even proper PD power sources which state that the DO in fact supply 15v 4Ah, seems to get this same “just forget I asked” message, and simply revert to standard default 5v.

I guess the question is to the PPM Tech Team: Could you please pretty pretty please make a firmware update and have the PPM ask for 15v 4Ah, and if not available, ask again, but at 15v 3Ah so it can be used on standard chargers?

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Hi I use this battery
RAVPower Portable Charger 20000mAh 60W PD 3.0 USB C Power Bank 2-Port Power Delivery Battery Pack

it will charge the PPM, also PPM will run on battery until internal battery takes over - it extends my run time on eco by several hours (about 3-4 hrs on full brightness)


Thx David. Will it power the PPM while on presentation or standard mode? I use a Chargeasap Flash 2.0 which charges and powers the PPM except on presentation mode. Now the northern hemisphere days are longer, brighter projection is needed for summer evenings …

This is kinda strange, as the RAVPower thing according to its specs only supply 3Ah @ 15v:

So technically, it actually isn’t supposed to work (or rather, the PPM isn’t supposed to accept it as a power supply) unless there’s a “glitch” somewhere.

In my experience the power pack will take over powering of the switched on projector first until it runs out, then hands back to the internal battery
If PPX is off it provides a charge to the internal battery


I just got a PicoPix Max and I am looking for a powerbank to extend usage time while travelling. Am am looking at these two. Do you know if any of these would do or would you have some other recommendations? Thank you!