PicoPix Max One - USB Not Workd for Update or Video

I bought a PicoPix Max One a couple of months ago, and it is a great device.
Despite it being advertised as having USB-C video input, I never managed to make that work.
I have used a video-capable USB-C cable with USB-C video output capable devices, multiple devices, in fact, devices that do work with other USB-C monitors just fine.
Philips just released a firmware update, I thought maybe that can fix it, I tried to update but I keep getting the following error “No USB drive found.”
I tried both USB-A and USB-C ports with a FAT32 USB that is completely empty and contains nothing but the firmware in the root directory.
Kindly find attached a picture of my setup.
Is my device defected? Kindly note that USB-A port does deliver power.

Hello, can you show us the file you have downloaded?

Here you go, I downloaded it from here

(Attachment MERGE_V56_DLP.bin is missing)

A software update for PPM One and no announcement?
What about the changelist?

We made an announcement on Facebook.
I just tested the link and updated my PicoPix Max One without any issue.
Have you tried with other USB stick?

I tried with 2, one 8GB 2.0 and the other is 32GB 3.0, and I formatted them both and it didn’t work.

What type of USB should I try?



This is very weird. have you renamed the file or extracted it?
USB-C is only for Video by the way.

I did not rename nor extract the file as you can see in the screenshot.

I know USB-C is for video but I thought I’d try all ports that can work.

My USB-C USB is also USB-A from the other side.

And USB-C does not work for video, I tried multiple cables and devices

@PhilipsNono I need to know, is my unit defected? Should I try to replace it under warranty?

Can you please go to Facebook www.facebook.com/philipsprojection and we can talk directly. We can also exchange pictures and videos. That will be faster to troubleshoot