Power supply during a long time

The answer may already exist, but I can’t find it. Thank you in advance for your answers :
The battery does not recharge during picopix operation, how to use this projector for 7h or 8h continuously?

Hi @Elly your question is not clear. You can use it for as long as you want, by plugging it into the charger. It will charge slowly. For faster charging, power it off.

My picopix does not charge when it is working, only when it is turned off. It goes off suddenly every time after 3 / 4h of use, while the cable is connected, what is the solution? Thank you

Are you using the supplied adapter and cable, or a third party one?

supplied adapter and cable. i am the only one with this problem ?

I have been using mine on eco, and plugging in intermittently… didnt have any issues.

Last night after updating the firmware and getting the battery low notification i was running it from full charge on wired on normal setting, and i got this warning at 15%. I didnt continue much after but was surprised it didnt hold its charge.

I have been using mine on eco too, I will test again and tell you. Thank you

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Got the same odd thing using the .27 firmware!
Fully charged, Power connected! Then while in operation Battery going red & down to low battery status! Did unplug usb c cable and putting in back in and it went 100% again!

I haven’t experienced this issue so far. I’ve been using my PPM for extended period since the community quarantine here quickly burning that 30k life of the projector LOL. But so far, my PPM continues to operate while plugged in like 12 hours straight?..

Hi guys, no such problem on my end either (also locked down). I’ve been programming on it for the entire day while plugged in eco or normal.

Please post your further experiences. I’ll collect those and send it to the systems team to analyse.

Hi, from the beginning of this campaign I always thought by plugging it in while using it can bypass the battery and just fully use mains power therefore reduce the charging cycle of the internal battery and prolong it’s lifespan? is that still the case?

Yes, that’s exactly as it should work. What these users are experiencing is neither the designed nor the common experience in my opinion.


so it will first charge up the battery as well as power the projector at the same time till the battery is full, then cut off supply to the battery and only be powering the projector? but as soon as the plug is pulled out battery power automatically kicks back in?

Yes. Actually it gives preference to powering the unit over charging the battery when plugged in, so if your battery is empty and you plug it in, turn it on and start using it at highest brightness level (presentation mode) it will not charge the battery most likely or very slowly if at all.
It works at 15V 3A (45W) but the supplied charger gives 15V 4A (60W), meaning 15 Watts can go towards charging under normal use.


Dell business laptops (and probably others) warn you if the power supply you’re using is not capable of supplying sufficient power.

This would be a really handy feature for the PPM.
Some kind of overlay message along the lines of “the power supply or cable you’re using is not capable of supplying enough power to run the projector, battery is being used as a supplementary power source”.

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I put this into feature suggestions, feel free to vote/ignore :wink:

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The charging LED will blink red and blue if the adapter or cable is unsupported.

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This all sounds normal to me? (except the comma…)

Perhaps you forgot to turn on the wall socket. Blue LED means it wasn’t charging.

Yeah might well be me being stupid! Post deleted to not cause confusion!
I will try again tonight anyway to confirm.

Blue LED could mean not charging or battery is full.