PPM Can't be handle fully with keyboard and trackpad


I note that some features cannot be managed using a trackpad or a built-in keyboard. for example. the correction of the 4 corners. And I’m not talking about installed applications but only PPM functionality.
This is really a problem because, if the remote control dies, the PPM can no longer be configured.

I hope this can be fix.

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I have been using the Rii i4 Bluetooth keyboard with touch pad for past few weeks. So far, only a couple of things I cannot do without the AirMote - Power ON and trigger Auto-Focus. I think adjusting 4 corner correction should be able to do as it is just using the arrow keys.


It’s not possible to switch to another corner for example.

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OK. I am not sure about a pure keyboard. The Bluetooth keyboard I am using has the arrow keys and in the center of that, there is an OK button. I can press the OK button to switch around.

But yes, I do agree with you that Philips should do something so that all the features of the PPMax can be accessed without relying solely on the AirMote.

Edit: Sorry, my apologies. I was mistaken. I just tested using Rii i4. The arrow keys can adjust the X & Y but the OK key doesn’t move it to another corner. You are right - AirMote dead is serious problem.


I made this a Feature Suggestion so it would not be lost in other technical queries. Please feel free to reword it into a better proposal, and to vote on it also.

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Voted for it. Definetely there should be a way of fully controlling the device if the airmote dies.

Until this is implemented, is it possible to buy an airmote as a replacement part?

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Is it possible to connect the airmote to a PC and find out which keys are used? That way, a programmable keyboard may be able to send these ‘keys’. @PhilipsEngineering?

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It’s standard navigation keys (up/down/left/right) plus android-specific keys (OK, Back, Menu) etc. AirMote will work with a PC or Mac.

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Thanks for that. Which key is mapped to the ‘autofocus’ button on the remote ?

My other remote’s OK button doesn’t work as well in the 4 corner correction. And it’s also designed for Android as it has home and back button.
I used IR learning on it to map auto-focus and the OK button in case my PPM’s remote is lost or breaks.

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@PhilipsEngineering, the OK button on the Rii i4 Bluetooth keyboard works fine when using to select options eg. Selecting to go into 4-Corner Correction. However, once in the 4-Corner Correction screen, the OK button doesn’t switch to another corner. The arrow keys works to adjust X and Y. The Back and Menu button also works to go back and Reset to zero. Only the OK button is not working to Select Corner.

Any suggestions why this might be the case?


And the range is good with the rii4 ?

The PPMax is just 1m from me so definitely no issues. But I have also used it from about 3m away from the PPMax and it is still able to work.

Ok because my airmote not works in BT after 1 metters of ppm