PPM Power requirement

I’ve ordered the Baseus 65W / 30,000KWh powerbank with USB-C, works great with the PPM. Baseus 33W / 65W Power Bank 30000mAh PD Quick Charging FCP SCP Powerbank Portable External Charger For Smartphone Laptop Tablet|Power Bank| - AliExpress . Initially it was not charging, since the PPM was trying to charge the power bank. After unplugging and inserting again it worked fine. It would be nice to be able to switch off the option to charge other devices connected on the USB-C…


In addition to the above powerbank, I also ordered the Baseus 65W GaN charger. It’s supposed to support USB-C PD at different levels, including 15V/3A. Unfortunately, it’s not working to charge the PPM: The LED does not light up red. Have tried all ports, according to documentation it should support Type-C 1 65W Output: DC 3.3-11V/3A,5V/3A,9V/3A,12V/3A,15V/3A,20V/3.25A Max. I’ve tried other USB-C PD devices, they all work fine with this charger. It’s not big problem, since the bundled charger works fine, however I would like to know the specific power requirements of the PPM. @Philips_Support_P do have a list of allowed PD levels supported by the PPM ? Would it make sense to keep a list of tested chargers / powerbanks, so others know which devices work with the PPM ? (similar to the list of tested apps)


This very thread should have the power specs in it, as well as an impromptu list of chargers.
If you feel like you can post a summary of working / non working chargers in this thread and I can then make it a wiki in the KB. :bulb:

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I’ve started to collect the information in this thread and the thread on powerbanks. Please see this link below, and feel free to share additions / updates.

Once reviewed we can hopefully add this to the FAQ section

There is a whole thread about that charger not working and working alternatives:

(I too got that particular charger before finding that thread)

It works great, but the USB PD AC adapter doesn’t work on the PPM. I don’t understand why.

I recently supported a crowdfunding for the new 210W power bank of chargeasap (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/flash-world-s-most-powerful-210w-usb-c-powerbank/x/22645099#/). I have now got the flash 2.0.

It happens to have one output which is 15V 4A like the charger of the PPM! That allows not only to charge the battery of the PPM out of the powerbank, but also to use the PPM as if it was plugged in! (see the power-icon in the picture below) From now on, very long open air cinema nights seem possible, as well as longer presentations using the power consuming presentation-mode.

Now it’s time to test how many extra-hours of PPM-fun the 20.000 mAh deliver… :slight_smile:


I too backed this powerbank, and so far I haven’t received it because they are asking for more money to be shipped, most comments from those that have received it has been negative, by the way no where does it say it has an output of 15V 4A like the ppm

It is 15V 3A just like every other powerbank out there .

And it was 150w now 210w though that is combined, so I have no idea why you chose to say 100w?

@ThunderStrk you are right, my mistake. It’s called 210w powerbank, as to find in the link. Maybe I wrote it because in my mind was that it is said you can charge it fast like a flash with a 100W charger :man_shrugging: :grimacing:
Just corrected my post above…

Don’t know. Maybe it’s different because it’s not the Flash but the Flash 2.0?
We could upgrade to it during in the backerkit survey.
See the picture below of the powerbank.
I can only say, it works with the PPM as we hoped it would. And we are happy with it, having all the functionalities we expected and need in our setup.

That was the least bit I was worried about, but more worried of the bit you said it has 15w 4a, which is totally misleading, so tell us where are you based and when did you back this and did you have to pay extra to get it shipped? you seemed to have either not read or ignored those questions, so if you can answer them I would appreciate it,
update sorry just saw your new post with the picture, interesting

Sorry, I really haven’t seen the other questions.

  • I backed it via indigogo in July 2020, already with the option to upgrade to 2.0 written.

  • Backerkit survey was like in mid july, we upgraded to flash 2.0 wich has one output more than the primary flash

  • After completing the backerkit survey we where asked if we would like to pay some extra money for a faster shipping. We did. Two days later we got a mail, that it has been shipped via plane (not container-ship). And some days later it was delivered via DHL.

  • I am based in Germany

  • As shown in the picture uploaded, the USB-C1 ist marked with 15V 4A. And using it, the PPM works like being plugged in.

That’s the experience we made. It works as we expected. I’m sorry if you maybe had bad experiences. We, for one, are happy with the powerbank, especially in combination with the PPM.


Thanks appreciate the feedback, I my self is in Australia and backed this about the same time as you, for the price it already is the most expensive powerbank I have seen, and for them to offer no update on backers that won’t pay extra for shipping is just wrong, reading the comments on indiegogo is even more worrying, as most reviews are negative, so please update us with your user experience thanks.
But yes it’s a nice surprise to see it supports 15w 4a which has never been mentioned, and I hope it works well for you compared to the rest of the other users

Hey all, I cross posted this from another thread, but take a look at this power bank. It has 20W5A support, and is a small portable device. I’ve had great success with it!

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I was testing the powerbank Flash2.0 of chargeasap with the PPM (see also the post above)


Output 100W (…15V4A, 20V5A)

  • Using Flash2.0 as if the PPM is plugged in, bypassing, using brightness mode normal, streaming netflix via integrated app and wlan
    —> 64min streaming takes up ~ 86% of the powerbank
  • Charging with Flash2.0, PPM switched off, from PPM 10% to 94% (powerbank 100% to 3%) in about 2 hours.

Output 60W (…15V3A, 20V3A)

  • Using Flash2.0 as if the PPM is plugged in, bypassing, using brightness mode normal, streaming netflix via integrated app and wlan
    —> 71 min streaming takes up ~ 93% of the powerbank
  • Charging with Flash2.0, PPM switched off, from PPM 10% to 90% (powerbank 100% to 3%) in about 2 hours.

That means:

  • Using the Flash2.0 as if the PPM is plugged in, bypassing the PPM battery, provides 1 extra hour of streaming and watching (at higher brightness at socket-mode).
  • Charging the PPM battery with Flash2.0 prolongs round about 3 hours of streaming (at slightly lower brightness at battery-mode) without having the need of a socket.
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I also backed this, and the extra 100W charger which they offered also. The charger however, despite indicating being able to provide 15V 3A doesn’t make the PPX’ led light up, so no charging or anything is happening. I have another charger that only specifies 15V 3A but that’s one does charge the unit.

But since the Flash 2.0 offers pass though charging, meaning I can charge it while it is providing power, I can take 15V 4A from it while its charging itself with 20V 5A for the other ChargeAsap charger.


Thanks for the tests, so that means both 15V3A from the 60W port and 15V4A from the 100W port gives similar results, have to say the results are not very impressive, I believe others are able to extend powered on streaming time by at least 2 hours with a much cheaper regular power bank.

Then I’m glad I didn’t add on their charger as well, I too got a cheap charger off aliexpress 15V3A and it works great, btw did you have to pay extra for shipping?