Baseus 65W USB C charger

I have the Baseus 65W USB C charger. Unfortunately, it does not charge the PPM.
Is this something that can be fixed in a later firmware update?

Nobody’s quite sure about that yet. What’s the specifications of the Baseus charger, voltage/current wise? Does it include 15V/3A and 20V/3.25A?

One of the threads discussing external USB-C battery packs, same issue:

It has the same specs as the included charger, i.e. it provides both 15V/3A and 20V/3.25A.

The slight difference is that the adapter that is shipped along the PPM supports up to 15V/4A, but we have other USB PD sources that will happily charge the PPM at 15V/3A so this sounds very much like PD policy incompatibility.

I still haven’t figured out exactly what part of the PPM that is responsible for the PD contract negotiation. It may be possible to adjust the negotiations with a regular firmware update, this is something the systems team (in China) will have to answer. I haven’t received my unit yet so I haven’t been able to take a look at it first hand.

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For what it’s worth, I have succesfully used this one from Helpers Lab:


Good to know, all data points are useful!!

What do you think, would this work with PPM ?Baseus 65W USB C Ladegerät mit GaN Tech, 3 Ports: Elektronik

Wasn’t this the Baseus charger mentioned in the initial post, or are there multiple versions of the Baseus 65W adapter? So far there are mixed results where some 15V/3A capable PD sources seems to work and quite a few others don’t.

That is the same I have, just in black instead of white.
Does not work. Would be great if it worked as it is really compact/small (compared to included charger).


I wanted to buy new USB cable becasue the one which came with projector is on one side loose (I guess the USB connector has bad dimensions), but when I found the 60W cables are kinda expensive, I’ve noticed this charger with cable included, so I’ve ordered it and hope it will work as a backup charger

Just a thought that I’m sure you’ve tried, could it be down the USB cable? I say this because I’ve been researching portable displays, and some are really fussy about the USB C cable used.

Yes, video requires a full-featured cable (which is the PPM ships with), charging at up to 3A should work with any “high-speed only”/charging cable. For current above 3A the cable has to be e-marked. Lots of confusion because the connectors all fit but the cables behave very differently.

After I also tested it and unfortunately found out that the Baseus GaN 65W charger does not work I bought the YGJ USB-C 65W charger at Amazon.

Link: YGJ USB C Ladegerät 65W, Type C Ladekabel Netzteil: Elektronik

It works well and charges my PPM in operation with 15,1V / 2,35 A. I was very exited that this charger is also even smaller (shorter and narrower) and much cheaper than the Baseus Charger. :grinning:
The only drawback is that the usb-c cable is fixed and if you want to charge other devices you need an appropriate adapter e.g. UCB-C to Lightning or Micro USB.
Too bad that this is not delivered as a standard Charger with the PPM. :disappointed_relieved:


That sounds like a really low power consumption (~35.5W) for the projector in operation and simultaneously charging. Was the battery close to full in this case? Eco mode/normal mode?

Yes, Eco mode and the battery was almost full.

That makes a lot of sense, thanks for confirming. That means that a 15V/3A supply will be able to keep up with eco mode at least.


I believe that it is also sufficient for normal mode, but as described in the powerbank thread, I suspect that the 45w in presentation mode will probably not be enough and the charger is limited to 15v 3a. I’ll test all modes end of next week.

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Just ordered this for testing:

Inateck 60W USB C

@IvoGrijt how did you embeded the Amazon Preview Link :slight_smile:?

Go into any browser and copy the url and than paste it in your comment. You can do it from the amazon app as well just click the share button and copy the link