PPM Power requirement

Then I’m glad I didn’t add on their charger as well, I too got a cheap charger off aliexpress 15V3A and it works great, btw did you have to pay extra for shipping?

I did not pay extra, I was in no rush to get it.
Their charger was worth it for me as I didn’t have any 100W charger in the house yet, they are now running a campaign for a 200W one also but I’m going to pass on that for now.

Their charger seems like a relabelled generic charger which they put a huge mark up on, the charger I got was about $30 Australia dollars at 87w a fraction of what they are charging, I’m sure there are other 100w chargers that’s much cheaper too and since as you say it won’t even charge the ppm, but at least you got it and they both work, I too am bombarded with emails for their new charger campaign, fairly certain I won’t be backing any more from them, they seem to be churning out one product after the other using crowdfunding as their main platform for sales of relabelled existing products from questionable sources and quality control issues.

@ThunderStrk That seems true. On the other hand the Flash2.0 is really very fast charged. At least mine is charged from 3-100% in just one hour (with a standard 65W notebook charger).
For me it works. My usecase at the moment is this setup:
The PPM is installed at a place where no electrical socket is in reach. So watching via PPM battery. When it is getting low, plugging in the Flash2.0 and recharging the PPM, resulting in 3 hours of watching PPM again. Meanwhile the Flash2.0 is charged fast, ready and on hold for the next recharge of the PPM.

So if I’m not mistaken

This means the ppm will have to be switched off for 2 hours till you can watch it again for 3 hours right?
I was hoping to be able to plug it in and be able to watch it continuously for 5 hours or so, oh well either way hope they will hurry up with the shipping and I might have to look in to other power banks

@ThunderStrk At least it‘s because of my habit. I only watch like 1 or 2 hours, then switch off and can recharge it. So that’s what I’ve tested since now. I haven’t looked if it charges while being in bypass or if it just starts to bypass after PPM is fully charged. I will try it and answer.
At least 4 hours of watching should be possible with one hour bypass and three hours PPM battery, for what I‘ve obeseved.

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@ThunderStrk I‘ve tested the Flash2.0 a little bit more after your suggestion and looked out for charging while bypassing. The Flash2.0 charges the PPM indeed approximately 10%per hour while bypassing and watching. But as the capacity of the Flash2.0 altogether isn’t as big as you would like it, I suppose the 5 hours aren‘t in it…


Interesting, was this done while the ppm battery was almost depleted and then plugged in the flash? I wonder if it will make a difference if you plug it in while both batteries are fully charged? probably not,
Btw just got a message from DHL this morning, a package from Hong Kong expected delivery is this Friday my guess it will be the flash

@ThunderStrk At the last test the PPM was at 80% and after 45min at 88% while bypassing for watching. Both full charged were my first tests above: just bypassing, so no need to charge the PPM, still maintained at 100% at the end of bypassing.
So then, have fun with your Flash and maybe it will be, as not your favourite gadget, at least useful.

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Just as long as I get a working unit I’ll be happy and there are plenty of use for it, as it turns out the DHL parcel wasn’t it, so still no sign of it yet.

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Power adapter SAMSUNG PD 45w was good working for PPM ( tested on normal mode and presentation mode)

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I have zendur supertank. Tried to charge picopix max but does not work here. Any tips? Am I doing something wrong since you say your zendur works to charge yours PicoPix?

You’ve got to press the button on top of the supertank

I think I ordered wrong.
I got Zendur power bank with Only regular usb.

The one you use is the output with usb-c?

Do you have a picture of the output you have ?

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Is it possible to make a post and pin it somewhere or something like that of a list of every charger, cable and powerbank that’s been tested etc that seems to work, or partly work?