PPM Power requirement

20V, 3.25A is the recommended specs though I can see in your picture that it does support that as well. Sadly, compatibility has been a hit and miss on the PPM.

Thats unfortunate then. How about this spec? It can supply 15v at 5amps? Would this work with ppm? @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsIvo @kugiigi

Your Max doesn’t do anything with 20V. Unfortunately I bought yet another powersupply that’s mweh. I now own two travel PD chargers, one is capable of 65W the other 100W. The first goes up to 20V3.25A and the latter 20V5A. But both do a merely 15V3A. And that’s the whole problem, the Max only wants 15V. I should have looked on the device instead of depending on the “engineer” posts here :frowning: . Check any electrical device you own, it will state the input (and output when applicable). The Max has one statement… input 15V!
I have a laptop PD charger 20V5A, doesn’t work on the Max. I’ve tried 20V Dell, HP and an industrial testing power supplies. Max only accepts 15V. When I’m watching the tv via an app over WiFi at full brigthness, the stock power supply 15V4A charges with about 5% per hour :confused: . When I do the same with a 15V3A it drains about 10% per hour.

If someone has been able to charge with 20V I would sure like to know under which conditions and what brand/type charger you used. Again, the Max clearly states it only accepts 15V input. So no use in buying 20V5A.

Never used the supplied charger since I think it’s crap. Since the first day I’ve used this one and never had a problem plus I can charge another 3 devices at the same time as charging the PPMAX
Zendure SuperPort 4 Dual USB-C Desktop Charger (Crush-Proofed, 100W Power Delivery for iPhone, MacBook, iPad, Android, Nintendo Swith and many more, Intelligent Safety Protection, USB, USB-C) Black
More information: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XHK43N9/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_6Z7FJCNQ2E5QSFAEH78T

Here is a link to their site

I found a replacement charger that works for ppm here in Australia. This one is capable of supplying upto 5amps at 15v. I see the red led coming up on the ppm now and also I can see the charging indicator on the screen once I turn on the ppm.