PPM USB C type and capabilities

Wondering what type of USB C is installed in PPM. Is it older or newer version with better capabilities. Ideally I wish it would be 3.1 instead 2.0

There seems to be no USB data connectivity at all in the USB-C ports, it’s video in over HDMI alt-mode in the video port and USB-C Power Delivery charger input in the charge port. USB data communication is available in the USB-A port.

Edit: The only video alt-mode supported by the PPM USB-C video port is alt-mode DP, not HDMI -> Connecting laptop using USB-C cable

Ok just tested a 500GB usb c storage device innthe USB C port and it’s not available, but it works in the USB A port!

Guess it’s a feature of the PPM not supporting storage devices on USB C ports… :disappointed_relieved: